(VIDEO) They record the kidnapping of a woman in Spain live – Diario La Página

The shocking video of a kidnapping perpetrated against a woman in broad daylight, in the municipality of Molina de Segura in the Spanish region of Murcia, went viral this week.

The events occurred on the afternoon of December 22, before numerous witnesses, one of whom recorded a good part of the incident. In the images you can see how a man puts a woman in the trunk of her car and takes her away.

The victim is the sister of the attacker. The woman was assaulted by the man, who beat her to stun her and then put her in the trunk of the vehicle.

Only one of the witnesses reacted: a judo teacher from a nearby educational center, who, upon observing the kidnapping scene, approached and opened the trunk. However, when the man noticed her movement, he got out of the vehicle and closed the compartment again.

The man took his sister to a country house in the small municipality of Cañada Hermosa, where he entrenched himself with numerous weapons. Agents of the Special Operations Group (GEO) arrived there, who managed to rescue the hostage after 36 hours and several exchanges of fire.

In the scuffle, one of the policemen was wounded by the impact of the pellets from the shotgun cartridges on the skull, the jaw and one of the arms. Finally, the agents managed to reduce the man with the help of a police dog trained for this type of task.

The man suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and is addicted to cocaine, according to various media. He is currently in prison awaiting trial. It is speculated that the motive behind his action was the loss of custody of his son and disagreements with his own family on this matter.


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