Video: Héctor Cárdenas, DT Colombia Sub 20 Selection, explains absence of Tomás Ángel | Colombia selection

A great controversy arose in recent days after confirming the absence of Tomás Ángel, former captain and scorer of the Colombian Under 20 National Team, in the South American of the category that will be played in the country from next January 19.

The version of a possible lever on the part of Álvaro González, member of the executive committee of the Colombian Football Federation (FCF) to include Isaac Zuleta despite his little activity in the B of Spain, was gaining strength, although there was never an official confirmation.

The situation was complicated to the point of forcing coach Héctor Cárdenas to explain his controversial decision.

“The decisions go through the assessment we make, the preparation, the calls and the news, which is an important parameter. In the end there are 23 who are going to represent us. We decided that it was the closest thing and it gave us more possibilities, more versatility “, he assured.

“Just like the 198 players considered, those of whom 75 could be, all had the same chance of being in the championship. In the end, Tomás, an important statistical part, scored 7 goals in preparation and it is noteworthy, his discipline and delivery, but it does not happen only for that. There are other statistics that give other arguments to make other decisions”, added.

The reason, in the end, would be his lack of continuity in Atlético Nacional: “There are many variables when choosing, Monsalve was the only one who was in the final of the local tournament and we value it, that they have the possibility of acting in the national team and in their clubs “, he concluded.


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