VIDEO ⟩ Ukrainian football star Mudrik

Mihailo Mudriks Photo: EPA/Scanpix

Rihants Akhmetov, the owner and president of the “Shakhtar” club, spoke highly of the former star of his team: “I am sure that Mihailo will win the respect, sympathy and love of football fans all over the world with his speed, technique and beautiful game.”

The owner has never crossed his country’s borders since the Russian invasion and said that after the transfer of the football player, he will make a donation of 22.5 million euros to the Ukrainian soldiers. “I made a donation to help our soldiers, defenders and their families,” said Akhmetov. He is sure that the Ukrainians will defeat the occupiers. One of the events he is most looking forward to is Myhailo’s participation in Chelsea’s friendly match at the Donbass Arena stadium.

The executive director of the club, Sergej Palkin, in a conversation with the prestigious North American media “The Athletic”, stated that another London club – “Arsenal” – also wanted to see the footballer in their ranks, but he did not like the management approach of the “gunners” – contacting the player first, not the management. “When I met with the management of Arsenal, they mentioned that they had already spoken to the player before, and I already knew that. I said that they should have contacted us first,” said Palkin. The Shakhtar CEO admitted that Chelsea’s contract also includes various financial bonuses for winning the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. He admitted that representatives of the London club often visited and even recently visited the team at a training camp in Turkey. This transfer became the largest financial one in the history of Ukrainian football.



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