“Victor Wembanyama is going to be the No. 1 draft pick, but in 15 years…”

Promised to the 1st pick of the 2023 Draft for months, Victor Wembanyama no longer has to convince anyone on the subject. On the other hand, he still sees some observers expressing doubts about his future, and in particular vis-à-vis one of his rivals!

Even his half-hearted performances in recent weeks did not seem capable of enameling his shining image across the Atlantic. In sharp decline after a great start to the season, Victor Wembanyama nevertheless retained his top-pick status for the next NBA Draft. His last outing, against Roanne, allowed him to set the record straight with a dominant performance.

Was such a demonstration really necessary? Not necessarily. The rating of the great French hope is such in the United States, that it seems to be able to end its season now, without falling in the projections of the experts. These latter, who try to situate him historically in relation to LeBron Jamesrather seem to be concerned about his future, which remains subject to some questions.

Victor Wembanyama outclassed over time?

Just 19 years old, Wembanyama already represents a huge threat on a basketball court, and still seems far from having reached his glass ceiling. As such, some see it able to apply for GOAT designation at the end of his career. No wonder, therefore, that he is ahead of the talented Scoot Henderson in the mock drafts, as Michael Scotto cleverly reminded us for HoopsHype :

In other draft classes, Henderson — who has drawn comparisons to Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, John Wall and Donovan Mitchell from NBA scouts — would be the top pick without a generational talent like Wembanyama.

Himself convinced that he deserves the first pick next June, the young American fullback has little chance of getting it… but could well savor his revenge afterwards:

“Wembanyama is going to be the No. 1 draft pick, but 15 years from now, Scoot could have the best career overall,” a former NBA executive boldly predicted.

An omen which could seem degrading for Wemby, but which remains of course in the conditional, and which is based on indisputable elements.

Also very promising, Henderson also displays a so-called “NBA-ready” physique. Ultra-tanked for his age, he should have no trouble adapting to the roughness of league play. At the same time, giants such as Victor tend to be less durable over time, and more prone to injury. An annoying trend that the tricolor crack will have to try to make lie!

Failing to be able to compete with him in the current sprint leading to the Draft, Scoot Henderson can hope to get ahead of Victor Wembanyama in the marathon that awaits them in the NBA. Not sure, however, that the Mets prodigy will let him!



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