Varese-Brescia, Magro: “Being together to rekindle the spark and reverse the trend”

Alessandro Magro, coach of Germani Brescia, presents the match against Openjobmetis Varese as follows: “We are ready to start a cycle of three consecutive matches to be played away and the first two, in Varese and Bourg-en-Bresse, will be played without return to Brescia. It will be an important moment for the team, not only as regards the search for positive results and the desire to win again. In fact, it will be a way to be together and try to rekindle that spark that we need right now to reverse the trend”.

“A complicated match awaits us in Varese – continues the coach of Pallacanestro Brescia -. We play against a team of its own kind, which plays a particular basketball, very close to that of the US G-League. Varese manages many possessions, it is clearly the team that scores the most in the league and always pushes on the accelerator, with 7 players who go on the scoresheet frequently”.

“On closer inspection, a match awaits us that won’t be very different from the one we played against Ulm – concludes Magro -. We will have to be able to limit the number of their raids, paying particular attention to the defensive half and limiting the number of turnovers. We will also play in a particular, very warm indoor stadium, where the public is very involved and manages to give a real boost to their team. It will be a difficult test, which we will have to face well not only from a mental point of view, but also by leveraging our energies, trying to lower the race pace and without being overwhelmed by their pace. Having a ‘run and pull’ match with them would be absolutely dangerous for us.”

Source: Brescia Basketball Press Office



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