Union is unbeaten for 15 matches after Nilsson’s loiter against deserving Charleroi | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 31′ – Yellow – Teddy Teuma
  2. 24′ – Goal – Gustaf Nilsson (0 – 1)
  3. 23′ – Yellow – Ken Nkuba Tshiend
  4. 17′ – Geel – Mehdi Boukamir
  1. 90′ – Verv. Lazare Amani door Cameron Doors
  2. 88′ – Cont. Damien Marcq by Jules Van Cleemput
  3. 84′ – Verv. Youssouph Badji door Anthony Descotte
  4. 84′ – Substitution. Gustaf Nilsson by Oussama El Azzouzi
  5. 81′ – Geel – Christian Burgess
  6. 72′ – Verv. Mehdi Boukamir door Ryota Morioka
  7. 66′ – Geel – Marco Ilaimaharitra
  8. 65′ – Geel – Gustaf Nilsson

Union has booked an economical victory on the field of Charleroi for the second week in a row after a dominant game. Karel Geraerts’ team soon took control. Former teacher Felice Mazzu was left pointless by a pin from Nilsson. Union thus remains in the wake of leader Genk.

Charleroi – Union in a nutshell:

Man of the match: We’re going for a duo today. For the umpteenth time, Union has a royal couple walking around during rush hours. With Boniface and Nilsson it overpowered Charleroi’s defence. Yorbe Vertessen will not just be in this starting eleven next week.

Tipping moment: Nilsson also cashed in on his new base place with a goal. After 25 minutes he hit the leather hard in the short corner past Koffi. The only goal of the evening, his third goal in as many games.

Remarkable: Union is the team in shape in Belgium. With this new victory on the field of Charleroi, Charleroi has completed a series of 15 unbeaten games in a row. Who will stop this machine?

The master faced his pupil again today.

Charleroi coach Felice Mazzu received his former T2 Karel Geraerts and his Union in-house. The expected game of chess between the two manifested itself in a real clash of styles.

In line with the qualities of their squad, Geraerts opted for domination and ball possession, Mazzu countered this with organization and counter football. The chiasm ensured a flashy start to the game: Union controlled with beautiful attacking football, but shivered a few times when the home team counterattacked.

On the half hour, Nilsson – until recently the double of the departing Vanzeir – was able to cash in on the dominance of the Unionists. The deep striker pushed through to goal and rammed the ball past Koffi with his lesser left.

A line in the short corner from Nilsson opened the scoring.

Charleroi then tried with all its might to reverse the roles and the match image. It forced Union into a physical battle, but despite undeniable willpower, it still collided with a better quality Union today. Certainly on the ball.

After a steamy game of football, Mazzu again failed to let his team score against his former love and in this way misses out on important points for any European play-offs.

Union continues its streak of 15 unbeaten games and is heading towards an exciting championship battle.

Nilsson was once again important to Union.

“An almost perfect first half”

Senne Lynen (Union): “Playing at Charleroi is always a difficult task. Nevertheless, we played an almost perfect first half, where we only had to be careful not to get caught on a counter. We mainly showed dominance with our strength and speed of execution. We were immediately on the ball. After a more difficult second half, we played it out well. It is therefore great that we can continue our series like this.”

Isaac Mbenza (Charleroi): “We missed our last pass too often today. We really need to score better on that in the next games. Otherwise it’s very difficult to get a win. We made it difficult for them, but our excellent midfield was neutralized by a strong Union. We have shown at times that we are capable of a lot, but we have not been able to bring our game completely.”

  1. end, 22h45. END: 0-1! Union has booked an economical victory on the field of Charleroi for the second week in a row after a dominant game. Karel Geraerts’ team soon took control. Former teacher Felice Mazzu was left pointless by a pin from Nilsson. Union thus remains in the wake of leader Genk. .
  2. second half, minute 94 match over
  3. second half, minute 90. Substitution at Union, Cameron Puertas in, Lazare Amani out
  4. second half, minute 88. Replacement at Charleroi, Jules Van Cleemput in, Damien Marcq out
  5. second half, minute 87. Union on its way to 15 unbeaten games in a row? It continues to defend the lead sensibly – despite the pressure from Charleroi. .
  6. second half, minute 84. Replacement at Charleroi, Anthony Descotte in, Youssouph Badji out
  7. second half, minute 84. Substitution at Union, Oussama El Azzouzi in, Gustaf Nilsson out
  8. Yellow card for Christian Burgess of Union during second half, minute 81
  9. second half, minute 81. With ten minutes left on the clock, Charleroi tries to put together a final offensive. However, major and well-played opportunities are not forthcoming for the time being. The energetic game now seems to be taking its toll on both teams. .
  10. second half, minute 75. Felice Mazzu brings Morioka between the lines. Charleroi hopes to have more footballing ability in the team. It can match Union’s high energy level, but on the ball it has to admit its superior for the time being. .
  11. second half, minute 72. Replacement at Charleroi, Ryota Morioka in, Mehdi Boukamir out
  12. second half, minute 67. Hard against soft. It’s a tough battle on the field. First, Ilaimaharitra can put a new cardboard in his collection folder, then Lazare also flirts with a card. The midfielder of Union is released with a fright, but the gesticulating Mehdi Bayat is not happy about that in the stands. .
  13. Yellow card for Marco Ilaimaharitra of Charleroi during the second half, minute 66
  14. Yellow card for Gustaf Nilsson of Union during second half, minute 65
  15. second half, minute 62. Charleroi tries with all its might to reverse the roles and the match image. But despite the undeniable willpower of the team, it just collides with a better quality Union. .
  16. Heavy collision Teuma/Boukamir. Boukamir and Teuma hit each other hard. Both players immediately grab their faces. Immediately the caretakers have to enter the field, but they seem to reassure the trainers at their dugouts. . second half, minute 58.
  17. second half, minute 54.
  18. second half, minute 54. Charleroi has taken over command from Union. The home team again shows more urge forward and grabs the visitors by the throat already high on the field. .
  19. second half, minute 52. Hosseinzadeh high over. Union continues to dominate, but now it does breathe a sigh of relief. Charleroi once again breaks through the yellow-blue lines as usual, but substitute Hosseinzadeh shoots an excellent opportunity high over. There was measure in this for the Zebras. .
  20. second half, minute 48. Badji is currently having a hard time in rush hour at Charleroi. Last week he got his coach’s confidence in the match against “his” Club Brugge. He then immediately scored. A goal would make up for a lot today, but for now it remains a meager display. Again he loses a duel against the ruling Burgess. .


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