Under 19 Regionals: Pozzomaina-Annonese 4-0-

On the synthetic surface of Monte Ortigara the fourteenth day, the first return, of group D of the Under 19 regional Juniores championship is staged.

SCORERS: 12′ pt The Rose (P); 19’pt Tarollo (P); 32’pt Fiamenghi (P) rig; 11’st La Rosa (P)

POZZOMAINA: Bellandi 6.5, Trevisan 7 , Gatta 7, Prenga 6 , Rissone 6 (1’st Chiapusso 6), Garitta 6.5 (15’st Covello 6), Tarollo 7.5 (20’st Murgiano), Penza 6 (24′ st Iovino 6), La Rosa 8 (17’st Krebitz 6), Fiamenghi 7, Nicola 6 (27’st Vander Elst). Subs: Rubino, Mazzone, Bachis. All.: Bottallo

ADVERTISE: Longo 5, D’Amato 4.5 (43′ pt Petrelli 5.5), Baldi 5 (27’st Maggiora Sv), Delaude A 5 (19’st Masoello 5.5), Iunnissi 5, Simonelli 6, El Yamouni 5,5 (8’st Chignine 5,5), Capobianco 5 (24’st Mingozzi Sv), Cavinato 5 (27’st El Hatout Sv), Tabaku 5 ( 8’st Ouchrif 5,5), Delaude T 5. Available: Feniello. All.: Cricket

NOTE: 24’pt cautioned Cavinato (A); 39’pt yellow card Penza (P); 2’st yellow card Chiapusso (P)

The fourteenth day, the first return, of group D of the Under 19 regional Juniores championship takes place on the synthetic Monte Ortigara. The hosts of Pozzomaina and the guests of Annonese compete against each other. A match that at least on paper should be balanced between two teams that haven’t done very well up to this point in the season. In fact, Pozzomaina is third from bottom in the standings with just ten points scored and two victories in thirteen outings, while Annonese is just above with one point and one victory more than his opponents. In the first leg match, the first of the year for both, until 2-0 in favor of Annonese, led by goals from Maggiora and Cirio.
The match begins in a balanced way, with the home boys trying to play the game and with the guests who instead close up and try to restart.
The balance is broken in the twelfth minute of the game when Pozzomaina finds the way to score: great choral action that leads Trevisan to cross free from the right wing; the slope finds Tarollo’s twisting header precisely, on which Longo saves for good. However, La Rosa pounces on the rebound, not strong enough, and as a true predator of the penalty area, turns around and from a few steps away deposits the ball into the net to make it 1-0.
Breaking the delay, Pozzomaina settled permanently in the opponent’s half, forcing Annonese to lower his center of gravity and play on the counterattack. Precisely in this way, in the eighteenth minute, the guests’ first ring arrives: a forward pass that catches El Yamouni’s run on the left, who controls well and presents himself in front of Bellandi with a too weak and inaccurate right-handed shot that the goalkeeper defuses with a good diving save.
A minute later it happens that one of the oldest laws in the history of football is applied, namely that of “goal eaten, goal conceded”. In fact, from the possible draw, we pass to 2-0 for Pozzomaina. The outgoing maneuver by the home boys brings Trevisan back to the cross from the right; this time, even the other full-back, Gatta, who hits the ball on the fly but finds the goalkeeper rejecting it with his feet. However, the ball ends up between Tarollo’s feet who blocks it and with his left foot, with surgical precision and after passing it between the legs of an opposing defender, slips it into the corner to the left of the impotent Longo. 2-0 then and further downhill match for coach Bottallo’s boys.
The doubling immediately shuts down Annonese completely, who, from there until the triple whistle, will do nothing but suffer the opposing initiatives.
Shortly after half an hour, after yet another devastating action on the left wing, Tarollo enters the penalty area and is knocked down by D’amato. For the referee there is no doubt: a penalty for Pozzomaina. From the penalty spot goes the captain, Andrea Fiamenghi, who, with great coolness, opens the plate and slips the ball under the crossbar. Nothing to do, despite the intuition of the side, for Longo.
In the last part of the first half Pozzomaina comes close to poker several times, but the imprecision in the last pass and in the final conclusion, make the hosts go for a hot tea with the round score of 3- 0 in their favor.
In the second half the script of the match, unfortunately for Annonese, does not change. The fourth goal also arrives in the eleventh minute: it all stems from a splendid central serpentine by Fiamenghi, who at the last moment unloads the ball for La Rosa, who without thinking twice lets go, from just inside the penalty area, a strong and precise right-footed shot that slips under the crossroads to Longo’s left. 4-0 and the match definitively addressed to the Pozzomania tracks
Despite the large swirls of changes from one side to the other, the inertia of the match does not change, and the remaining minutes are nothing more than a constant territorial domination by the home boys, who would have numerous opportunities to round up even more the score.
In the end, after four minutes of added time, the referee decides it’s time to send everyone into the locker room. Pozzomaina wins 4-0. With this success mister Bottallo and his associates rise to 13 points, overtaking and detaching Annonese himself.

Battle 6.5: practically inactive for the entire 90′ ​​of the game, with the exception of a great response in the first half of the first half thanks to which he prevents the guests from enjoying the equalizer
Treviso 7: the inertia of the game allows him to worry more about the offensive phase than the defensive one. On the right wing a pendulum. His is the cross that leads to the opening goal for his team
Cat 7: the same can be said for number 3, who proved to be a real thorn in the side of the Annonese defence. In the first half he pushes forward so much that he manages to finish close to the opposing goalkeeper without finding the way to the net
Handcuff 6: his game is fair. A lot of dirty work without the ball. Collect a myriad of balls
Rissone 6: enough game for the right central. Attentive and precise in the defensive phase in the 45 minutes in which he remains on the pitch
Garitta 6,5: play a lavish game defensively; he drives the line beautifully and nips any potential offensive action by the guests in the bud
Tarollo 7.5: in the first half literally the man on the pitch for his team. He literally drives his direct opponent crazy. First he scores the 2-0 goal and then, with yet another devastating action on the left wing, he gets the penalty for the 3-0 goal
Penza 6: good performance from the home left midfielder. useful and good at making himself useful in the possession phase. Too bad for the admonition, the real and only flaw of the match
The Rose 8: he bears all the weight of the attack on his shoulders, makes the department alone and keeps the defenders of Annonese in constant apprehension. In the first half, like a true robber of the area, he opens the scoring, while in the second he makes the result more rounded thanks to a round brushstroke under the intersection
Fiamenghi 7: great technical presence for the number 10, able to perfectly stitch the game between midfield and attack. Lucid to show up on the spot and score a great penalty
Nicola 6: still sufficient proof for Pozzomaina’s right winger, even if of the three in front the one with the least jolts
Chiapusso 6: on the pitch for the entire second half he performed well in the non-possession phase
Covello 6: good impact for him in the match, in midfield he moves well with and without the ball
Krebitz 6: enters the field discreetly, shows good intensity even if he doesn’t have the same danger as La Rosa
Murgiano 5.5: enters instead of a superlative Tarollo and the difference between the two can be seen. Touch a few balls

Longo 5: difficult afternoon for him, he conceded four goals but avoided at least as many
D’Amato 4.5: he plays less than one half due to an injury which causes him to leave just before the end of the first half. Up until that moment it was the worst of him. He suffers terribly from Tarollo’s initiatives, so much so that to stop him he has to knock him out in the area, giving him a penalty
Baldi 5: the same discourse more or less similar to that of the teammates also for the right full-back, terribly suffering in the face of the opponent’s descents
Delaude A. 5: bad game for the central defender, who was forced to struggle from the first minute due to the constant attacks by Pozzomaina
John 5: even for number 5 it was certainly not the best game of his life. He loses almost all physical fights with La Rosa
Simonelli 6: vote that reflects his shirt number. the man of the match for his, the only one who tries to be seen to try to strike up a maneuver
El Yamouni 5.5: of the offensive department the only one who goes to shooting. In the first half he has the opportunity to equalize the score but he wastes it miserably by kicking at the goalkeeper
Capobianco 5: not good performance of the number 8, never in the heat of the action and constantly suffering from the pressure of the opponent
Cavinato 5: game to forget even for the centre-forward, never really in the match, often left alone by his teammates and always dominated by the two Pozzomaina centre-backs
Tobacco 5: deployed as an attacking midfielder, he is practically never in a position to be incisive with the last pass
Delaude T. 5: the same also applies to the number 11, who is seen very little in the offensive phase
Petrelli 5.5: called to enter the field cold due to the injury of his partner, he tries to do everything possible on the right wing. The lesser danger of the opponents in the second forty-five of the game certainly helps him show off a performance that doesn’t go far from sufficient
Chighine 5.5: even with his entry into the field the inertia of the match does not change
Note 5,5: its discreet impact. He tries some personal initiative but ends up crashing into the opposing defense
Masoello 5,5: in the half hour he plays he doesn’t even behave so badly. Unravel a couple of potentially dangerous situations

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