Two judo masters at the dojo!

Friday evening, two masters of judo, Jacques Seguin and Jean-Louis Juan, had been invited by the Judo Club of Vic-Fezensac for “mass training”

Both are national technical executives who even travel internationally at the request of clubs for intensive courses.

As we explain Guillaume Fontan, president of the Judo Club of Vic, the club as far as possible tries to involve the two masters twice a year.

The two-hour session is aimed at teenagers from the age of 12 and adults of all levels, members of the club, but the training is also offered to other invited Gers clubs.

The two masters are two longtime friends – they have known each other for more than 60 years – united by a strong bond.

Jacques Seguin has just passed his 8th dam, a very high distinction in judo. There are only 40 in France.

As he tells us, this 8th dan is the culmination of a life of judo.

He has been working in the Gers for a long time, a department he likes “because there are a lot of nice people and the food is very good there! »

When we ask him if it is not complicated to offer a course to an audience of different levels, he replies that he adapts and that in judo, you never know everything, that there are bases that must be worked on at all levels.

This evening, he is offering an awareness class on the imbalance of the partner, it is a pure technique that he adapts according to the students.

His friend, Jean-Louis Juan is 7th dan

A national technical framework, judo is his whole life, he was an international and world referee, notably for the Barcelona Olympics in 92.

Like Jacques Seguin, Jean-Louis Juan does not like to talk about himself. He prefers to speak of his colleague “an exceptional guy known all over the world, with an unrivaled technical level and above all surprisingly simple”.

As he points out, few senior officers agree to offer children-adult courses.

The trainees are aware of the privilege: they listen religiously to the two masters and strive to best apply the techniques shown.

After a difficult post-covid, the club has had a good recovery.

The very recent news is the departmental criterium which took place in Condom on January 15th.

3 young people from the club have qualified in the minimal category!

They are Léa Fauché, Gleb Semyschenko, Léonard Joux.

Good continuation to all three!

Photo credit: François MACE



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