Twins from different families: The curious case of two Americans who are identical but not from the same parentage

13 one. 2023 – 08:00 hrs.

They do the same thing, have identical physical traits, and even They have the same name, however they are not related.. This is the case of two men from the United States who are the same.

Separated at birth?

Both are called Brady FeiglThey have the same hair color, wear glasses, are both 1.82 meters tall, play baseball and even underwent the same elbow surgery, but at different times. The only way they differ is in age.since one was born on December 27 in Maryland and is 31 years old (on the left in the photo).

While the other is 26 years old (on the right of the photo) and was born on November 26, 1995 in St. Louis, Missouri.

This case caught the attention of Instagram users who, via podcast account Clutch Pointthey knew the history of these identical men.

It didn’t take long for the program to go viral. it registered 439,781 likes and more than three thousand comments.

In addition to being interviewed, the program paid them for a DNA test to find out if they had some kind of relationship that their parents have hidden.

What did the DNA study say?

Despite the fact that the “twins”, as baseball fans dubbed them, they are five years aparta, anyone would think they are brothers. Nevertheless, the DNA test indicated that they are not of the same bloodbut the results showed that both have european genes.

According to the MLB Latinos portal, the two recorded 53% of German genessomething that left the crazy theory that they had ancestors who came to North America together and formed different families.

Now, both are dedicating themselves to their sports careers individually. They also have the same interests, since they seek the same goal of capturing the interest of a club and becoming exponents of Major League Baseball (MLB).



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