TV audiences: the French handball team beaten by… “César Wagner”

The Blues are there. The French too. This Friday evening, January 27, 3.21 million sports fans watched the French handball team beat Sweden (31-26) in the semi-finals of the World Championship, on average between 9 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. according to Mediametrie. The market share of the general public aged four and over is 16%. Of women responsible for purchasing under 50 (FRDA-50), the preferred target of advertisers, the market share is 24.3%. A correct score but which did not allow TF 1 to place itself at the top of the evening’s audiences.

Surprise, the French handball players were beaten by… “César Wagner”! The detective series worn by Gil Alma is the big winner of the evening. The rebroadcast episode broadcast by France 2 brought together 3.89 million viewers, or 19.6% audience share (and 5.1% on the FRDA-50, proof that the series attracted a rather old audience ). However, competition from the World Cup is being felt: this score is down significantly from last week, with 500,000 followers lost.

La Trois at the foot of the podium with Adamo

M 6 is third with “Divorce Club”, the comedy by Michaël Youn, released in theaters in 2020. 1.97 million people watched this film never before broadcast on television, with Arnaud Ducret, François-Xavier Demaison, Caroline Anglade and Audrey Fleurot, i.e. 10.5% of the overall public. A very good evening for the Six, leading the FRDA-50, with 26.2% of the target.

On France 3, “Adamo, my life, the real one”, an unpublished French documentary by Patrick Jeudy, attracted 1.7 million fans of the Belgian singer (9.2%). France 5 is above a million with “Les sentiments” by Noémie Lvovsky, a film rarely shown on the small screen with Nathalie Baye, Isabelle Carré, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Melvil Poupaud (5.4% of PDA). Arte is also in good shape with 940,000 viewers for the TV movie “In truth: Love makes you blind” (4.7%).

No other channel surpasses the 650,000 viewer mark. Note that the front page will broadcast the race for a seventh star for the French team at the Handball World Cup in a final that looks like revenge against Denmark, this Sunday live at 8:45 p.m.


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