Turning on the “beauty” mode, the environment of Xuhui area has changed a

Turn on the “beauty” mode, the environment of Xuhui area has changed a lot Fly into the homes of ordinary people

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Yuan Wei) Huicheng District, Changqiao Street, Xuhui District, is a typical large-scale residential area in Shanghai, with a total permanent population of over 10,000. In recent years, in order to practice the concept of “people’s city built by the people and people’s city for the people”, the street adheres to the leadership of party building, and takes the transformation of “three old” into “three new” as an important popular project, and strives to solve the “emergencies, difficulties, and worries” of community residents. “Problem, actively promote the governance of the Huicheng area, and form a joint push of the whole street.

Photo courtesy of Xuhui District

Jialing Greenland has a new look, and fitness can be found everywhere. Before the reconstruction of Jialing Road, there was a 3-meter-wide concrete sidewalk. The green belt on one side was closed for a long time, and the original trees and shrubs were messy, so that the entire green belt, which was nearly 300 meters long, lost its proper leisure function. In this landscaping renovation, good-looking trees, shrubs and original corridors were retained, and three landscape walls and trails were set up in the paved trail space, and different green plants were planted according to different locations, so that the green space opened the “beauty” mode.

In order to build a “5-minute community sports life circle” and create a good environment for “fitness everywhere”, Jialing Greenland has also built table tennis tables, badminton courts, climbing walls, laid plastic track, and installed various fitness equipment that residents love to see. , and set different functions according to the region to meet the residents’ rest, fitness, entertainment and other experiences. At present, the gymnasium in the green space has become a good place for leisure and entertainment for community residents.

Huicheng Central Garden is newly unveiled, practical and beautiful. Huicheng Central Garden is the largest public space in the community. It used to be mainly hard paving, lacking recreational facilities, and the local plastic peeling phenomenon on the fitness trail is serious. Weeds are overgrown around the garden, and the overall lack of management and necessary maintenance. In the reconstruction of the area, respect the existing spatial pattern, and based on the principles of retention, renewal and reuse, by adding badminton courts, convenient linear walkways, leisure seats, the flower bed area is transformed into a semicircular activity venue, and handrails are set up , paving the ground with pebble trails, providing a fitness activity space for the elderly. In terms of greening, some cypress trees with serious skew were transplanted, and tree species with colored leaves such as tallow tree and cherry blossom were added to enrich the forest appearance, so that the central garden square and greenery complement each other and integrate into one.

Asphalt refurbishment was laid on the original road of Huicheng Center Street, the walls were sprayed with real stone paint, square tube grilles were installed for embellishment, and the parking and travel plans of the block were adjusted. Huicheng Village 1, Huicheng Village 2, Huicheng Village 3 and Huicheng The entrances and exits of the four villages and Huicheng five villages were readjusted and connected in an orderly manner to form a new plan for the entrance of the Central Street and the exit of the East and West Streets, and to organically combine it with the urban road traffic system of Longchuan Road and Baise Road to solve the problem of people, vehicles, etc. Traffic congestion problem.

Huicheng East-West Street is the main passage for vehicles, pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles in the Huicheng area. Due to the narrow space of the passage, vehicle congestion and mixed pedestrian and vehicle traffic are prominent during peak hours, which greatly affects the traffic efficiency and pedestrian safety of the area. Different from the renewal and renovation of large-scale demolition and construction, this renovation adopts four measures. One is to widen the east-west passage to ensure that the space for vehicles is still reserved after parking on one side. The second is that the east-west passage connects Longchuan North Road to the east and Jialing Road to the west to increase the exit of the car dealership. The third is to distinguish pedestrian and vehicle areas as much as possible by setting up sidewalks and ground coloring on limited road sections to ensure the safe passage of students to and from school. The fourth is to renovate the walls on both sides of the East and West Streets, including the railings of the walls, install outer sets for the air conditioners, and repair the rainwater pipes that go out of the walls.

The farming and reading garden has changed from a “messy pile” to a “beautiful home”. The Farming and Reading Garden is close to the residences of the residents, and the original site is messy. During the governance process of the area, focusing on the “urgent, difficult and anxious” of the masses, a garden trail was built to connect with the roads of the community, and flower beds were planted with greenery, so that the farming-study garden, which has been plagued by “dirty, messy and poor” for a long time, will no longer become a “garbage dump” “, to provide residents with a clean, hygienic and beautiful living environment, and to improve the quality of green space for residents to enjoy and enjoy.

The activity room of Huicheng No. 2 Village Neighborhood Committee has also been rejuvenated and upgraded. The renovation of the activity room retains the original structure. The bottom surface of the exterior wall is sprayed with real stone paint combined with aluminum square grilles and windows inlaid with aluminum plates, which is even more unique. The gates of each community in Huicheng District have also undergone “micro-renovation” to make the community more “face”. In this area governance, Changqiao Sub-district continues to promote the project of “building a good facade”, mainly for the renovation and upgrading of the gates of the four residential areas in Huicheng area. At present, the structure of the entrance and exit gate of the newly rebuilt community adopts cantilevered U-shaped beams, wrapping the original lines in the middle, inlaid with punched aluminum plates, and aluminum square grilles for contrasting decorative surfaces. .

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