Trieste basketball, all the grit out to bend Scafati

TRIESTE. “Solid. Ready to face a battle. Be careful in defense, demonstrating that you want to win ». Marco Legovich shows the way for Pallacanestro Trieste who will play the most important match of his championship against Scafati on Sunday the 8th at 7 pm at the Allianz Dome. Penultimate together with Naples after the knockout in Verona, Trieste in the event of a defeat would risk seeing the teams ahead further away and going to Treviso on Saturday with a ballast of pressure on him in a climate that is already penultimate.

The red and white coach had thundered after the match in Verona, declaring himself disappointed by the performance of the team and in particular by some elements. There has been a confrontation in recent days. What was the week that just passed? «A very intense week – explains Legovich – The defeat was not painless, it represented an important step. We can’t lose by conceding 87 points like that. We worked a lot in the defensive half, we tried to prepare ourselves tactically to face a team that after the transfer market has won five games in the last six. A system team, like those of Caja, to face them you need to be lucid for 40 minutes. Always constant, solid. No moments of distraction, we must always be on the spot ».

During the week there was also talk of the psychological attitude in comparisons like this. «A theme on which we actually insisted – continues the coach from Trieste – There is the need to do more, to be tougher, more determined. Everyone needs to understand the importance of this moment, thinking about winning, we don’t have to worry about racing on the others because this is a championship that messes up the odds. We have to think only of ourselves, of moving forward, making a leap in quality. We have shown that we know how to defend solidly against Trento, we can do it again and this time for 40 minutes straight. I want everyone to show that the first thought is to want to win.”

Today there are many who are called to a reaction, starting with the two strong, inconsistent wings in Verona. The one who is positively surprising instead is the good Skylar Spencer. An applause also comes from Legovich himself: «he Lives the team, makes himself available and knows how to draw lessons from mistakes. He has considerable tactical intelligence, he is careful in reading defensive situations. He won’t be a cracker but he’s proving useful.’

The contribution of the sixth man today will be useful, indeed indispensable. After the 3 thousand appearances against Trento, another increase would be nice. Meanwhile, a bus to Treviso from the Curva Nord has already been filled.

Today’s programme: Umana Venice-Verona (16), Brindisi-Varese (17), Reggio Emilia-Sassari (17.30), Pesaro-Treviso (18), Trieste-Scafati (19), Naples-Milan (20.30).

The standings: Milan, Virtus Bo 22; Tortona 18; Trento, Pesaro, Brescia, Venice 14; Scafati, Brindisi 12; Sassari, Treviso, Verona 10; Trieste, Naples 8; Reggio Emilia 6. —


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