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360 degree spin with Harry Kane

If in England they assured days ago that Harry Kane could leave for Manchester United when he entered the last year and a half of his contract, the scenario seems to have changed according to The Athletic.

This medium ensures that the World Cup and the club’s focus on the market have delayed the start of talks for a possible renewal of Harry Kane, but these already have a date to start once the winter market closes. As they point out, if the right conditions are met, Harry Kane is open to renewing and continuing to be a spur.

Among the key aspects they point out that this renewal will be the most immediate present of the club, the planned signings and the prospects for success in addition to the economic aspect. The player would be convinced that he wanted to win his first professional title with Tottenham.

With a view to leaving the club, Harry Kane’s representatives have not yet held serious talks about a possible departure.

Even so, nothing is closed and, if he does not reach an agreement soon, the club will have to decide whether to keep him until the end of the contract or sell this summer or the next winter market.



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