Training: A wheelchair on the basketball court

After Ferrán Pizcueta exposed the importance of training off the court in November 2021, the CB Genovés once again organizes a training day at the “Paco Cabanes El Genovés” Sports Center. An innovative and necessary practical session for basketball and sports clubs in general.

Hand in hand with Aspromivise and the Davidcasinosesports entity, CB Genovés proposes a way of understanding basketball that calls for a way between sports clubs. A day that will try to cover the needs that may arise if someone with reduced mobility and who needs a wheelchair wants to practice this sport. “As a club we think that it is a situation that is not covered and that the clubs have to start considering. What would happen if a boy or girl with a wheelchair asked us to be part of a basketball team on foot? We have to be prepared as a club to provide a solution and also offer it so that anyone in this situation can consider doing sport in an inclusive way”.

A very daring proposal that takes a step forward in the idea of ​​CB Genovés that all people can practice basketball regardless of their abilities.
javi lopez He will be the person who will give the clinic, a coach with a great track record both as a player and as a coach, since he was one of the managers of the Spanish team at the Paralympic Games in London and Tokyo as part of the coaching staff of that team.

A good opportunity to open up the range of possibilities of a sport that absorbs many girls and boys in their day-to-day lives, and that sooner rather than later will be the motor of society.

The clinic will be on Monday January 30th at the Paco Cabanes de Genovés Sports Center, with free admission and aimed primarily at all those who believe in basketball as a sporting and educational tool. The attendance will count as practice hours for the students of the FBCV Trainer Courses.



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