Trade imminent at the Lakers? The latest discussions revealed!

As the Lakers watch the free agent market carefully, a trade is not an option to be ruled out before the February deadline. According to two insiders, the Angelinos have indeed continued discussions for a trade. We take stock of the latest rumours…

There are only a few weeks left for franchises to take action in the trading market. The calm is however total, certainly because the buyers are more numerous than the sellers at the present time. We will have to be patient, some teams waiting for the price to drop for a few players. This is for example the case of John Collins at the Hawks.

The Lakers still in the game for a trade!

What do all these exchanges have in common? The trade of Rudy Gobert, which continues to impact the market. Organizations are greedy, convinced that they can obtain a significant consideration for their player. This is the case at the Pistons, eager to recover many assets in exchange for Bojan Bogdanovic, quoted on the start for weeks. According to Howard Beck, insider, the Lakers are still in the game.

Beck: “Maybe there will be a trade. I keep hearing that the Lakers and Pistons have discussed a trade with Bojan Bogdanovic and Nerlens Noel. With the Pistons asking for draft rounds for Bogdanovic, it’s clear the Lakers are going to have to give up a first round to make this deal. Maybe they’ll do another one to solidify that rotation. »

The Lakers have been warning for some time: a trade will only see the light of day if it allows the team to aim for the title, and in a sustainable way. The arrival of a shooter with more than 20 points on average, and under contract until 2025, therefore seems to correspond to these needs. It remains to be seen whether Rob Pelinka will take action now.

I hope the Lakers will make the trade

The trade is not necessarily far for the Lakers, but everything will depend on Rob Pelinka. We can also say that the next results of the franchise will be decisive. Bojan Bogdanovic is in any case a target of choice, which gives satisfaction on the side of the supporters.



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