Torna Venturing Sport ad Altum Park

A captivating palimpsest of various disciplines between paths in the woods and equipped areas: this is, in a nutshell, “KID’S VENTURING-SPORT IN NATURE , an idea of ​​sport increasingly widespread in recent years, especially in many European countries, but from a some time also in Italy.

A diversified proposal, that of Altum Park in S. Desiderio, the CSI’s reference center for the outdoors for almost four years.

“It’s a course structured in modules so that those who attend it all have the opportunity to experience the main sports disciplines that take place outdoors and then eventually choose one that they particularly like. But there is also the option- says Andrea Pedemonte– to enroll in one or more single lessons”.

The lessons, for children aged 6 to 12, will take place on Saturday afternoon.

It begins on February 4 with outdoor fitness and ends on April 29 with climbing.

The format also includes mountain biking, with the two different equipped practice fields, orienteering and hiking, taking advantage above all of the network of paths around the structure, archery and field archery, in the practice field with station for children and on the path in the woods with eight shapes.

“KID’S VENTURING-SPORT IN NATURA” is not simply, as one might think, a course but a real “path”, lasting three months, during which CSI/CONI certified instructors from companies that have been strategic partners for years of Altum Park will pass on to the kids not only technical notions but also emotions.

It is an initiative that effectively combines individual sporting activity with team and group spirit, fun with adrenaline and the pleasure of spending a few hours in the middle of nature.

“At the end of “KID’S VENTURING-SPORT IN NATURE” the kids will be able to orient themselves well in the field of outdoor sports. It is a course closely connected to the one on starting hiking which took place in the last months of 2022- underlines Andrea Pedemonte– It provided more theoretical notions and was the basis for knowing the environment where certain activities are then carried out”.



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