Tom Brady’s numbers in the NFL: Super Bowls, rings, MVP’s, touchdowns, records…

After having been the leader of the New England Patriots for 19 seasons and move on to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the NFL 2020, Tom Brady you know your career is closer to overso the 2022 Playoffs represented a new opportunity to increase his Super Bowls played, the rings won and the statistics that belong to him in the professional football league.

The 45-year-old veteran quarterback was in charge of putting the Bucs with a mark of 8 games won and 9 lostin which it was a difficult campaign for him and those led by Head Coach Todd Bowles, but even so it was enough for them to be the leaders of the NFC South, which led them to host the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card round.

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The one who emerged from the University of Michigan Wolverines became the most influential player in the world of football. NFL, when at the hands of Bill Belichick they changed the history of the Patriots by turning them into a franchise with a winning culture and protagonists year after year, for which his departure meant a painful loss for the Gillette Stadium organization.

Super Bowls de Tom Brady

The one born in California on August 3, 1977 has 10 Super Bowls throughout his professional careerwhere 9 of them reached them as the starter for the New England Patriots. He played against the Los Angeles Rams (2001 and 2018), Carolina Panthers (2003), Philadelphia Eagles (2004 and 2017), New York Giants (2007 and 2011), Seattle Seahwaks (2014), Atlanta Falcons (2016) and Kansas City Chiefs (2020).

Rings in his career

Having played in the most momentous game in the NFL 10 times, Tom Brady can say that he has a favorable mark of having obtained 7 wins and 3 losses, which is why he has 7 championship rings. It should be noted that 6 of those 7 victories were achieved with the Patriots, against the LA Rams (2001 and 2018), Panthers (2003), Eagles (2004), Seahawks (2014) and Falcons (2016); the other was with Bucs vs Chiefs (2020).

MVP Awards

Brady was voted the most valuable player of the Super Bowls XXXVI (36), XXXVIII (38), XLIX (49), LI (51) y LV (55). In addition, He was chosen the MVP of the NFL season in 2007, 2010 and 2017.

career touchdowns

The most successful quarterback of all time has 677 career regular-season touchdowns since becoming the Patriots’ starter in 2001. Added to this, holds the record for most regular season touchdown passes with 649 touchdowns and the record for passing yards with 88,214 yards. In addition, He owns the record for passes for touchdowns in the NFL Playoffs with 86 of them and the best mark for passing yards in the postseason with 13,49 yards..

Tom Brady records

Among his most outstanding records are most wins for a quarterback (243), oldest quarterback to win NFL season MVP (40 years – 2017), most NFL championships (7), most Super Bowl appearances (10), most titles Super Bowl for a single team (Patriots – 6) and player with the most Super Bowl MVP in history (5).



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