This is how the Colombian soccer pass market goes

The days of the new year pass and with them the moment approaches to start the local league in its first semester of 2023, programmed by Dimayor, so that the ball rolls on January 25. And in the midst of teams that return from their vacations and preseason, the news of Colombian soccer does not stop because the hiring and transfers in the 20 clubs of the first category are the order of the day.

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Below we update departures and arrivals of players from the league teams in Colombia:

Deportivo Pereira

The reigning champion has yet to confirm hires, but yes departures. Those who said goodbye to the Great Matecaña were: Leonardo Castro, Harlen Castillo, Duban Palace, Jader Mace, Luis Lopez, Yeiler Goez, Daniel Linarez, Andres Correa, Harlin Suarez, Kevin Lugo, Jose Sinisterra, Leider Berrio and Brian Leon.

Deportivo Independiente Medellin

The Colombian runner-up confirmed the arrivals of: Jonathan Marulanda, Edwuin Cetré, Daniel Londoño, Jaime Alvarado, Jorge Cabezas and Jhon Palacios. In addition, the departures of: Cristian Marrugo, Jorge Segura and Vladimir Hernández.

Atletico Huila

The newly promoted confirmed the additions of: George Saunders, Jonathan Lopera and Jonathan Herrera. For now, it does not register departures from the campus. The other new tenant of the highest category is Boyaca Chico that still does not record the arrival or departure of players.

National Athletic

The green formalized the arrival of the players: Francisco Da Costa, Cristian Zapata, Juan Felipe Aguirre and Sergio Mosquera. And the departures of: Andrés Andrade, Daniel Mantilla, Alexander Mejía, Emmanuel Oliveira and Yeison Guzmán.

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He announced the arrival of Felipe Jaramillo, while he confirmed the departures of: George Saunders, Andrés Jiménez Aranzazu, Santiago Londoño, Daniel Londoño, Francisco Báez, Yadir Meneses, Diego Rodríguez, Jesús Hernández, Juan Daniel Tegue and Luis Esteban García.

Golden Eagles

In eastern Antioquia they announced the arrival of the new technical director Lucas González and the departures of Leonel Álvarez and Felipe Jaramillo.

cali america

Reported the discharges of: Cristian Barrios, Carlos Darwin Quintero, Franco Leys, Facundo Suárez and Andrés Sarmiento. The starts are: Nicolás Giraldo, Joel Graterol, Alejandro Quintana, Marlon Torres, Carlos Sierra, Elvis Mosquera, Daniel Hernández, Juan David Pérez and David Lemos.

Deportivo Cali

For his part he ‘Sugar Bowl’ signed the players: Daniel Mantilla, Gustavo Adrián Ramírez, Kevin Dawson, Jhon Vásquez, Kevin Riascos and Kevin Viveros. Those who left: Agustín Vuletich, Teófilo Gutiérrez, Ángelo Rodríguez, Guillermo Burdisso, Cristian Mafla, Carlos Robles, José Mulato, Harold Santiago Mosquera and Carlos Lucumí.

Oil Alliance

Confirmed the arrival of: Pedro Franco, Brayan Blandón, Juan Pablo Patiño and Juan Diego Ceballos. Also a good list of starts: Brayan Gil, Kevin Londoño, Estéfano Arango, Carlos Pérez, Brayan Fernández, Daniel Moreno, Santiago Ruiz, Juan Camilo Arturo, Richard Rentería, Julián Guevara, Eduardo Zapata and Juan Sebastián Mancilla.

Atletico Bucaramanga

The ‘Leopard’ has also moved and announced the arrival of a new technical director, Raúl Agustín Armando, together with the players: Jork Becerra, Diego Chávez, Gonzalo Lencina and Nicolás Marotta. Similarly, he announced the departure of the footballers: Brayan Palacios, Cristian Blanco, Dayro Moreno, Michael Acosta, Bruno Teliz, Diomar Díaz, Sergio Avellaneda, José Adolfo Valencia, Juan Camilo Chaverra, Sherman Cárdenas and Jackson Montaño.

Junior from Barranquilla

The ‘Shark’ made the arrival of the following players official: Vladimir Hernández, Amaury Torralvo, Edwin Herrera, Iván Scarpeta, Leíder Berrío, Brayan León and Jarlin Quintero. Those who do not continue in the shark are: Jorge Arias, Yesus Cabrera, Fabián Sambueza, Jhon Pajoy, Fernando Uribe, Carmelo Valencia, Edwuin Cetré, Omar Albornoz and Daniel Giraldo.

jaguars of cordoba

Those from Montería were reinforced in the technical part with Carlos “Piscis” Restrepo and the player Manuel Arias. While they left the club: Professor Alexis Márquez, Pablo Mina, Harold Gómez, Juan Mancilla, Duván Viáfara, Henry Castillo, Iván Scarpeta, Andrés Arroyo, Rafael Bustamante, Juan Giraldo, Jhon Altamira and Jarlin Quintero.

Union Magdalena

The ‘Ciclón’ incorporated the players: Carlos Mario Rodríguez, Jean Carlos Colorado, Brayan Carabalí and Stiven Palomeque. While they left: Stiwar Mena José David Lloreda, Jairo Palomino, José Gómez, Jonathan Segura, Agostino Spina, Facundo Stable, Diego Chávez and Jonathan Lopera.

sports grass

It has not yet announced any reinforcements, but it did announce the departures of: Jeison Medina, Facundo Boné, Facundo Ospitaleche and Mariano Vásquez.

Sports Tolima

It is reinforced with the following players: Julián Angulo, Brayan Gil, Juan Manuel Valencia, Estefano Arango, Facundo Boné, Diego Herazo, Juan Guillermo Arboleda, José Cuenú, Yeison Guzmán and Nicolás Giraldo. Those who left the pijao are: Andrés Ibarguen, Yohandry Orozco, José Moya, Rodrigo Ureña, Sergio Mosquera and Jonathan Marulanda.

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Once Caldas

Add important names to your squad: Dayro Moreno, Sherman Cárdenas, Andrés Correa, Jhon Fredy Pajoy and Santiago Jiménez. The white white left: Mauricio Gómez, Ayron del Valle, Leyvin Balanta, Edwar López, Camilo Mancilla and Jesús David Murillo.

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In the capital of the country the arrivals of: Fernando Uribe, Leonardo Castro and Daniel Giraldo were made official. While the departures were for: Diego Herazo, José Cuenú and Richard Celis.

Santa Fe

The coach also changed and Harold Rivera arrived, along with the players: Fabio Delgado, Julián Millán, Iván Rojas, Cristian Marrugo, Fabián Sambueza, Alexis Manyoma and Jersson González. The technical director Alfredo Arias and the players Jhonatan Herrera and Edwin Herrera said goodbye.


Finally, he confirmed the arrivals of: Kevin Londoño, Didier Blanco, Yesid Díaz, José David Lloreda and Jhon Altamiranda. Those who do not continue with the insurer are: Duvier Riascos, Stalin Motta, Nicolás Palacios, Sergio Felipe Román, José Estupiñán, Faber Gil, Néider Barona and Carlos Peralta.


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