This is how Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and other great soccer stars will be when they are old

The so-called Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most innovative technologies of our time. Through it you can analyze, predict, create and study dozens of data.

With its ability to use, combine and process a large amount of existing information, AI can solve unthinkable problems. Among them, that of projecting what the big football stars would look like when they are old.

The British journalist Paul Parsons wowed his Instagram followers by posting a carousel of images with the faces of world soccer stars in their old age, according to Midjourneyan image generation tool based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

there appear Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, Neymar Jr, Luka Modric, Harry Kane, Robert Lewandowski, Gareth Bale, Sadio Mané and Mohamed Salahamong the 20 chosen for the test.

Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria(Photo:

Parsons used an app that allows its users the ability to recreate what the human face would look like at a later age. Although the presence of graphics similar to those of an animated film is noticeable, artificial intelligence proved once again that it can be used for futuristic issues and entertainment.

Neymar Jr. y Gareth Bale
Neymar Jr. y Gareth Bale(Photo:

With this publication, the journalist invited his followers to decipher who were the 20 world soccer stars that appeared on his official profile. It should be noted that the journalist’s post was difficult, since many of the players turned out to be unrecognizable due to their deteriorated appearances.

Harry Kane y Robert Lewandowski
Harry Kane y Robert Lewandowski(Photo:

Meanwhile, the publication (which was distributed in various posts), garnered more than 60,000 “likes” and a series of opinions alluding to the journalist’s proposal. “Mbape is equal to Morgan Freeman”; “Cristiano Ronaldo is identical to Pierce Brosnan”; “Lionel Messi es Harrison Ford”; “This is crazy”; “This publication is amazing” and “Griezmann is equal to Einstein” were some of the reactions that Internet users deposited in the comment box.

Sadio Mané and Luka Modric
Sadio Mané and Luka Modric(Photo:

This is not the first time that Parsons has made this type of “revelation” with his followers. On previous occasions, the journalist shared different images about famous people, as the cast of Harry Potter or the actors of the Marvel saga. Undoubtedly, his imagination piqued the interest of many who yearn to have fun with this type of AI.

Mohamed Salah and Karim Benzema
Mohamed Salah and Karim Benzema(Photo:

Days ago, long before the faces of world soccer stars went viral, another curious person made a comparison that caught the attention of Internet users, when ALL-E 2 and IA Midjourney -both based on the Artificial Intelligence- that indicate what countries would be like if they were movie villains. As with the Parsons post, the astonishment generated immediate reactions not entirely favorable to this case.

The truth is Artificial Intelligence is in its testing stage in different aspects and there are a number of detractors of the use of this technology for purposes that may harm human life.

Although in the previous questions it was a simple comparison between an image alluding to the possible old age of world soccer starsat other times it can cause great disgust.




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