Thibau Nys falls, has a puncture and shoots out of click pedal, but still wins in Benidorm: “That second crash was terribly stupid”

Thibau Nys has also won the penultimate round of the U23 Cyclo-cross World Cup. Our compatriot beat the Dutchman Tibor del Grosso in the sprint in Benidorm. Emiel Verstrynge finished in third place in five seconds. For Nys it is his fourth victory in the World Cup after previous victories in Tabor, Maasmechelen and Zonhoven.

Vincent Van GenechtenBron: BELGIAN

Nys didn’t get off to a great start on the fast and technical course in the Spanish seaside resort, but managed to fight his way back into the race. With six riders they entered the final lap and finally Nys made a small gap together with Del Grosso. In the sprint Nys showed his fast legs and also secured the overall victory in the World Cup.

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The promises (and juniors) do not have to ride all five races, but may skip one. Nys passes for Besançon next week and is mathematically sure of the overall win with 160 points. Jente Michels counts 96 points, Tibor Del Grosso 90 points. The winner gets 40 points, an unbridgeable difference.

“A Chick”

Nys crashed twice on the way and still made it. “If I hadn’t won here, I would have been a great chick”, he laughed afterwards. “That second crash was incredibly stupid, the stupidest thing I’ve done this season. I wanted to throw away my heart rate monitor because it had come loose. I wanted to do that in a place where our mobile home was. I should have just thrown it away, instead of worrying about where it would fall. I kept checking to see if they had caught him and then I looked back to the front… Yeah, I completely missed my braking point so I slid onto those pebbles. I thought: course lost. Especially when I had a puncture afterwards.”

“But I was good enough to always come back,” says Nys. “In the last lap I wanted to continue from bottom to top, but I had already been through so much that I didn’t have the confidence anymore. I had to solve it differently and I’m glad it worked out. The sprint? I felt there was still enough to do. In the last loops I wanted to pass him, but just before the beams I shot out of my click pedal. However, I felt that if I spun the wheel towards the finish I could catch him. Although I had not thought that before the cross.”

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In the girls juniors, the Dutch Lauren Molengraaf took a four out of four and she is also sure of the final victory. Yordi Corsus was at the party with the boys juniors, ahead of two other Belgians Seppe Van Den Boer and Viktor Vandenberghe. The Frenchman Leo Bisiaux leads the standings with 129 points, 26 more the Dutchman Guus Van den Eijnden and our compatriot Viktor Vandenberghe is third with 94 points.



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