“They changed my life”

The beautiful school. Sergio Peralta, a 15-year-old teenager, began the school year with some fear at Hendersonville High School, near Nashville in the United States, because in addition to being worried like any boy of his age grappling with such a change importantly, he feared that his problem would attract cruel words from immature peers.

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Everyone’s help

Sergio, in fact, has a right hand, not fully formed and in an interview with American TV, Cbs, he admitted that on the first day of school, “I felt like hiding my hand up my sleeve” for fear of being judged by his classmates . And instead, as happens, in his most beautiful stories, his new friends welcomed him with serenity and indeed tried to help him from day one.

“They changed my life,” said the young student, recounting his story. But for Sergio, there was also an even happier ending, thanks to the interest of the school’s engineering teacher, Jeff Wilkins, who encouraged the students to build a handcrafted prosthesis for Sergio.

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First time

Three students used their access to online models of prosthetics and a 3D printer to make a plan. After four weeks, their project came to fruition. Sergio found himself with a prosthesis designed and built by three young classmates, who decided to pool their creativity to help a less fortunate school friend.

The 15-year-old who grew up learning to do everything with his left hand, including writing, even managed to catch a baseball with his prosthetic hand. “It was the first time I caught a ball with my right hand.”

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