the Uruguayan who embittered River on the pitch and the Gallardos at a barbecue

The former Defensa y Justicia striker arrives on loan from Palmeiras, he only needs to undergo a review and sign his contract.

Miguel Merentiel already a new player Boca. Or to be more precise, he only needs a couple of details to become a xeneize footballer: get a medical check-up and go to Brandsen 805 to sign his contract with the La Ribera club. The 26-year-old striker, former Defense and Justicecomes from palm trees on loan for one year and with a purchase option of 3 million dollars, and in this way it will be the second reinforcement for the Negro Ibarra team after the arrival of the Paraguayan Bruno Valdez.

Merentiel, a Uruguayan with a good footing, a lot of dynamics and offensive fire, will be an interesting variation for Ibarrawho was forced to debut in the League with Nicolas Orsini of 9 and somewhat limited in the spare part: Benedettodiscontinued; vazquezinjured and the youthful “Torito” Morales without yet settling in First.

Miguel Merentiel finished uncovering in Defense and Justice.

Formed in the lower divisions of PenarolMerentiel debuted as a professional in The Sisley Tank from the neighboring country and quickly caught the attention of European scouts for his goals and finishes. The aurinegro gave it to the Lorca of Spain and then to the subsidiary of Valencia, until “The Beast” (such is his nickname) accepted the challenge of playing in Argentine soccer. He was Godoy Cruz the one who repatriated him to South America (he made a pair in attack with his compatriot, the unforgettable Morro García), and then lived his moment of greatest explosion with the jersey of Defense and Justice.

At Halcón de Varela he played 73 games, scored 25 goals and gave 8 assists. In addition, he lifted two trophies: the 2020 South American Cup and the 2021 South American Recopa. His good performances in the team led by Sebastián Beccacece put him under the microscope of several powerful teams, including Rivercon Marcelo Gallardo interested in taking it to Núñez. But with the Doll he would live a separate story.

Finally, the palm trees who suffered it in the Cup Winners’ Cup (Merentiel scored in the penalty shootout that defined the final against Verdao) took out his wallet and in the middle of May 2022 He took it to San Pablo to be part of a team full of figures and in which it was very difficult for him to stand out.

Merentiel played little in Brazil and he only scored two goals for his new team, which is why the negotiation with Boca was resolved quickly and without too many complications. For the Uruguayan, it is the chance to show that he can play for a great player on the continent. For Ibarra’s team, a footballer who can become a very useful reinforcement for what is to come, the League, the Argentine Cup, the national cups and the proximity of the Libertadores, starting in April.

The story with the Gallardo

Merentiel shared a team with Nahuel Gallardo, son of Marcelo, who played in Defense and Justice. The good relationship between the two caused the Uruguayan to be invited to a barbecue at the Doll’s house when the DT wanted to take him to River.

At the Monumental, Merentiel scored one of his most memorable goals in Argentine soccer. Not because of the quality but because of his goal cry after beating Franco Armani, with a subtle touch from the left. “I’m a beast!” Miguelito yelled, facing the camera.

But returning to the barbecue at the Gallardo house, Merentiel returned to celebrate as a visitor. This is how he told it in an interview with TyC Sports.

“I got along very well with the Gallardo family because of Nahuel and I got to share a barbecue with them. They tell many anecdotes, ”she recalled very mischievously. And then she added, laughing: “The only thing I did at home was take a bath because I got all muddy after winning a tennis soccer game for Marcelo’s children. We ate the Gallardos and then I used the bathroom for them, ha”.

Two days after 2/2, the closing of the transfer market in Argentina, Boca closes its second reinforcement and continues to wait for what Huracán defines with the situation of Lucas Merolla. He is the central defender that the football council wants and if he does not arrive now, he will do so in the middle of the year, when he is free at the Globe.

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