The troupe of actors from Saint-Alban in great shape for its premiere on January 28

The troupe of Saint-Alban comedians in full rehearsal for their return to the boards. ©Helen HERAULT

Since the beginning of January, it’s been bustling, every Tuesday and Thursday evening on the stage of the village hall of Saint-Alban : the troop of 6 actors tirelessly repeats his text for the performances scheduled for the end of the month and mid-February.

A little pressure for the fine team that hasn’t played for 2 years because of the covid.

At the start of the 2020 school year, we didn’t really start rehearsals. In 2021, we had already chosen this text by Vivien Lheraux, but with the peaks of covid in December, we canceled everything!

Benjamin Pitois, sound and light manager of the troupe.

The pitch

It is ‘A grand coups de pan’ that the actors have chosen to play. The story of a quiet family reunion which quickly turns into a completely crazy evening.

Marie and Arnaud had planned to celebrate their wedding anniversary as a family.

But when you have something very serious to blame yourself for, and the police move into the apartment opposite to observe us through binoculars, there is cause for concern…

Ingrid, new actress

A scenario planned at the base for four men and two women.

“But since then, one of the actors has had to leave the group for personal reasons,” explains Cécile Paillot, who in the meantime encouraged her sister-in-law to join the troupe.

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I did not hesitate. I’ve always wanted to do theatre! The text and the team immediately appealed to me. What fun! Really we have a good laugh!

Ingrid Gallois, actress

Adaptation of the room

The troupe then contacted the director to an adaptation of the play no longer for four men and two women, but for an equal distribution of female and male roles.

The author agreed to adapt the play, but it is done often enough in amateur theater to adapt as easily as possible to the composition of the troupes.

Perfect for the role

This is how Ingrid, Cécile’s sister-in-law in the city, also became her sister-in-law, a bit perched, on stage.

Perched, it is also in life!

“It’s true, assumes the newcomer. That’s why it was so easy to slip into the character. It is not at all a role of composition. And it makes things easier for a first time… »

Ingride is the new kid on the team.
Ingrid is the new kid on the team. ©Helen HERAULT

Ingrid was afraid of the text to remember, “but they have lots of very suitable techniques for it to fit easily. And I’m diligent. »

Final adjustments

That evening, a lot of swearing on the boards, which is not necessarily in the script.

But the blackouts annoy the comedians who feel the deadline is approaching.

The blowers, Patricia and Monique, present at each rehearsal, catch up with the replicas on the fly…

Bursts of laughter also burst out, faced with the attitudes of the partners, also faced with the funny replicas.

But stop smiling when he talks to you! You’re supposed to be depressed!

At the bottom of the stage, Pascal Déron, the director, takes on Fred Catelain, hilarious in the face of the facial expressions of Pierre Cornillet, his interlocutor at the time.

Good fun session

Pascal guides the actors in their game, but also to occupy space.

“Keep moving towards the back of the stage… Go further!” “Alain Jégu and his large body sometimes do not know very well where to land…

Marie-Pierre Carlier is one of the pillars of the troupe.
Marie-Pierre Carlier is one of the pillars of the troupe. ©Helen HERAULT

A little chocolate break and we resume the course of the piece.

Alain, the man of imposing stature, feminizes his role for the needs of the text. At the foot of the stage, stage manager, advisers and resting actors are laughing.

A good omen for the first. See you on January 28.

Theater at the village hall of Saint-Alban. Saturday January 28 at 8:30 p.m. and Sunday January 29 at 2:30 p.m.; Saturday February 11 at 8:30 p.m. and Sunday February 12 at 2:30 p.m. price: €6/adult, €3 / – 12 years old.

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