The Three Wise Men fill the town of Huércal de Almería with Christmas spirit

The most awaited day for both children and adults arrived in the municipality of Huércal de Almería, with the arrival of the Three Kings Parade. Their Majesties landed from the East in the town of Huerca to complete a tour that went from the Plaza de Las Mascaranas to the Plaza de la Constitución. The operation launched by the Bajo Andarax town hall provided the residents with a large group of floats, children’s parades, as well as delivery of gifts and many more surprises in which it was a night that reaped a resounding success in attendance and participation.

In the organization of the parade local associations participated and with it the Christmas program prepared by the City Council is concluded, which since the beginning of December has made the people of Huerca enjoy themselves.

Thus, for more than a month the residents of the town have been able to enjoy activities for the whole family, highlighting children’s workshops in which every day there have been varied and different games and initiatives such as gymkhanas, treasure hunts, archery, cooking workshops, tattoos, crafts, origami or urban garden, among many others.

They have also highlighted events such as Christmas zambombás, rock concerts or video game events. Included in the Christmas campaign is also the festival of San Antonwith which initiatives such as parades and guided tours will be carried out in which pets will be the main protagonists of some very familiar and fun days that will take place on January 15 and 16.


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