The right-hand man who has been notified that he is out of the force for the second consecutive year “self-written” baseball life “most bad” boyhood | Full-Count

Yu Suzuki, who has been with Orix and the Giants for 8 years, decided to retire, to the sender

In eight years of professional baseball, he has 1 win, 3 losses, 1 save, 2 holds, and an ERA of 7.91. Yu Suzuki, who belonged to Orix and the Giants, chose to retire from active duty now after experiencing the frustration of receiving a notification of being out of force for two consecutive years. And soon we will move on to the next stage. He started his own YouTube channel and attended the birth of his first child. In the spring, he plans to go to the United States, which was his dream, and learn baseball from various angles.

Then, he signed a contract with Pacific League Marketing, which operates Persol Pacific League TV, and was responsible for planning and writing articles for the web magazine “Pacific League Insight”.

When I asked Mr. Suzuki to look back on his life so far, from when he first held a ball, he was not a so-called “baseball elite,” but an urban boy stood on the professional mound, won the long-awaited victory, and decided to retire. It has meticulously documented the past quarter century. Please read the full text. This time, the theme is “until a boy who is good at sports chooses baseball”.


Because he was from Tokyo Metropolitan Yukigaya High School, people tend to think he was from Tokyo, but he lived in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture during his childhood. It was his first professional baseball game when his father gave him a ticket for the Chunichi vs. Giants at Nagoya Dome (now Banterin Dome). And he remembers cheering for Chunichi because he liked the color blue, and Chunichi won the match.

It was so much fun that I played catch with my father the next day at a nearby park. She lived in Nagoya until she was in the 3rd grade of elementary school and learned many things such as softball, dodgeball, tennis, soccer and gymnastics.

There were no baseball teams nearby, so I wasn’t focusing on which one at the time, and I was enjoying all of them. And when he was in the 4th grade of elementary school, he moved to Tokyo. At that time, the elementary school I was planning to go to had a baseball team, and my parents wanted me to make friends before the opening ceremony, so I joined the team and officially started playing baseball.

The past of being “failed” by the Giants Junior was also “the worst”



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