The parabad in the spotlight at the Brec’h badminton club – Brec’h

It is a meeting and a sporting event that will mark the minds of the 26 young graduates of Badabrech. Tuesday, January 17, the badminton club received Guillaume Gailly, top athlete and coach in Quimperlé (Finistère). The young players first discovered the sports career of the badminton champion, before and after the motorcycle accident, which will cause him to lose part of his leg, but not his pleasure in playing, nor his taste for competition. Guillaume Gailly, para badminton athlete has more than one victory to his name. His collection of medals, including the bronze won, in doubles, at the Para badminton world championships in Tokyo, aroused the admiration of his audience!

Adapt sports practices to all

Passionate and pedagogue, Guillaume Gailly is also an “ambassador” of the accessibility of sports practices. His intervention continued with a dynamic presentation of the disabled sports discipline of badminton and the different categories covering all types of disability (physical, sensory, intellectual). Very comfortable in the exchanges, the players then took the direction of the field, for a training orchestrated by the guest of the club. “Since the start of the season, we have welcomed two teenagers, players from the Para bad category: Yannis, whose mobility is reduced and Lilou, hard of hearing”, explain the club officials. “To continue to introduce them to this sport in the best possible way, we contacted Guillaume Gailly, who immediately responded.”

The meeting is so successful that the latter has promised to return, this time for a discovery of the parabad armchair. And always with the ambition to encourage the game between able-bodied and people with disabilities and to open up and adapt sporting practices to everyone.



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