The novel Icardi – Wanda Nara continued in the New Year: strong deleted post

The Galatasaray forward included his ex-wife in an emotional message on Instagram that lasted a few hours. What did he say?

The back and forth between Mauro Icardi and his ex-wife Wanda Nara seems to have no end. The New Year It did not go unnoticed by the media duo and this time it was the attacker from Galatasaray who put together a post on Instagram that he later regretted and deleted. And, always, in the background, the unknown remains: will the separation be final?

For now, while Icardi remains in Turkey, Nara does so in Punta del Este with their five children, the three of Maxi López and the two of Mauro. And in his welcome photo for 2023, he showed that in his left hand wears his wedding ring, along with a text of good wishes for the new year. Wink for a new opportunity for the couple.

Wanda Nara

Always more direct Icardi took one of the family photos published by the businesswoman and her emotional message returned to allude directly to the fact that there is reconciliation -something that has been repeating over and over again-, what was ignored by Wanda but it did not go unnoticed by his followers, who mercilessly attacked him for what they understand is missing the truth.

Icardi’s message about Wanda on Instagram that he should have deleted

“Thank you 2022 for the good things and such beautiful moments lived. Thank you also for every moment when things did not go as well or as I wanted, because it was when I became stronger, because it was when I trusted myself the most, because every second was a learning experience to be better in this new year. Dear 2023, I receive you with the most beautiful thing I have in my life, my family. With a beautiful woman by my side and five beautiful children. I wish that life continues to give us Health, Love, Peace, Happiness and many successes. Happy 2023 to all. Chin”.


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