The new Warriors target revealed, the fans completely thrilled!

The Lakers are not the only ones to find themselves in a complex situation. Still in the West, the Warriors do not impress with their 25-24 record, to the point that supporters expect changes before the deadline. The last name mentioned seems to please internally…

Ready to do anything to defend their title, the Warriors are among the buying teams by the February 9 deadline. Steph Curry is the first to put pressure on his front office, since he hopes for some changes after a difficult first part of the season. Their record of 25-24 is there to confirm it. But Bob Myers probes the market, especially since he has the assets to set up a nice trade.

With young players, like James Wiseman and Jonathan Kuminga, the Dubs have what it takes to strengthen their roster. But the question is rather to know if the owner is ready to sacrifice his future to win a new title in the immediate future: the answer leans rather towards no. The supporters must therefore prepare for it, Golden State should not recruit anything flashy, except a huge surprise.

A veteran in the sights of the Warriors

According to Brett Siegel, a journalist who works for Sports Illustrated, the Warriors are more eager to take advantage of the opportunities ahead. You have to understand free agents, or players unwanted by their own team, like Serge Ibaka in Milwaukee. Recall that last week, Shams Charania confirmed his departure from the Bucks. Today, Siegel confirms that he is a serious option.

One of the Warriors’ biggest weaknesses is in the inside sector, and it’s been there for a long time, with James Wiseman and JaMychal Green injured. They tried to hide with Kevon Looney and Draymond Green. Serge Ibaka is an option for them.

The problem is, the Warriors don’t want to give up the youth, including Wiseman. Disappointing since his arrival in the NBA, the Dubs are convinced that the pivot will explode in the next campaigns… even if it means annoying some supporters.

As a reminder, Ibaka has only played 16 games this season, averaging 4 points and 3 rebounds. But the Dubs, as well as fans, believe the veteran has the perfect profile to help the franchise.

Serge Ibaka could join the Warriros. Is it true ? That’s exactly what the Warriors need at center. They need to stop being humiliated in painting. I hope it’s true !

Serge Ibaka has the qualities to win the Warriors, especially in a role off the bench to strengthen the racket. And as much to say that there is a need for it. It remains to be seen whether an agreement is possible with the Bucks, or whether it will be necessary to wait for the interested party to land on the free agent market. Golden State will not be far in this specific case…



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