The most important moments in Michael Jordan’s career

  • Michael Jordan broke many records
  • During his 15-year career he established a unique style of play
  • To this day, many people continue to try to emulate him.

Although there are too many to make a definitive list, here we will share some of the most outstanding achievements that made Michael Jordan one of the greatest to have stepped on the court.

Expert in shots and complex plays

He was a master of the reverse tray. This style of shooting made many defenders look bad, achieving it requires more than just timing, you have to hang at heights, not just anyone.

Michael Jordan’s impressive career

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Michael became known for his style since he was at the University of North Carolina. It was one of many skills that set him apart from other superstars.

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April 20, 1986 was a historic day in the NBA and in Mike’s career. That game two of the conference quarterfinals, the 23-year-old Jordan passed over the Boston Celtics.

Discover other important moments of his career in the video above.



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