The low moment of Sergio Rochet, an extra concern for Nacional

Sergio Rochet did not start 2023 at the level of the last seasons he had in Nacional and the tricolor is sorry.

This Sunday, in the final of the Uruguayan Super Cup against Liverpool, the goalkeeper made a decisive mistake in the process of the match when leaving a long rebound on a far free kick by Gaston Martirena. Gonzalo Nápoli took the rebound and scored the only goal of the game.

Rochet had also had a poor classiclast week, by failing in the two goals of Ignacio Laquintana.

In the first goal he went far from the goal and left it unguarded in a bad calculation.

In the second he did not come out and allowed himself to be headed in the small area.

In the preseason, Nacional played four games, tied all four and lost all of them on penalties. Rochet played against Vélez Sarsfield, Colón and Peñarol while Salvador Ichazo made a save against Belgrano.

Rochet was shot in those definitions, 15 penalties were shot, of which one saved, Abiel Osorio de Vélez, two hit the post and the remaining 12 were goals.

Penalties are a mere detail. But from that imposing Rochet against Ghana in the World Cup in Qatar, in the summer he seemed a much more down-to-earth and vulnerable goalkeeper.

The mistakes against Peñarol and Liverpool show him in a facet that the Nacional fan did not know since his arrival at the club where he has been a figure and pillar of the tricolors.



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