The last bullet of Ceballos and Asensio

The Real Madrid midfield, monopolized by Casemiro, Modric and Kroos since the three players joined forces at the white club in the summer of 2014, is heading towards the final stretch of a renovation that could have been traumatic, but will not be thanks to to the excellent management of it carried out by the technical department of the white club. The Brazilian was sold last summer and Tchouaméni arrived in his place. A change of cards that, at the monetary level, came out eaten for what was served. Obviously, the Frenchman still has a long way to go at Real Madrid to be what he was Casemiro, but he has the right conditions and talent to make a career as brilliant as the United player today.

In the case of Modric y Kroos, his goodbye to the white club has not yet taken place, but it will not take long to take place. Luka, for those 37 years that his passport indicates, and Toni, for his desire to hang up his boots sooner rather than later. Both contract ends this summer and they still have to renew, but to this day that has not happened and venturing to ensure one thing or the other is to do an exercise in tightrope walking. Hence, the ostracism of Dani Ceballos is not understood, an interior that has shown that he has a place in the squad, as happened on Thursday in Villarreal.

The signing of Camavinga and the explosion of Valverde have been two big news facing the relief of Modric and Kroos, but it is not enough. In today’s football, with so much equality, Madrid knows perfectly well that it needs six players in the midfield at the highest level. Hence, he has set his eyes on the young man Bellingham, another guarantee replacement for when the Croatian and German are no longer there, but it is incomprehensible that it has allowed Ceballos to reach his final year of contract without having renewed it and with the intention, for the moment, of not offering him an extension. Not only would he be letting a quality footballer go, but he would also not receive a single euro for him.

Dani Ceballos signed for the Real Madrid six seasons ago and it is true that he has never managed to establish himself as a starter. In fact, in the 19-20 and 20-21 seasons he was on loan at Arsenal. At best, being a fixture in the white eleven is setting the bar somewhat above his worth, but in modern football, with five changes per game, the starters are just as important as the substitutes. Ceballos is that player profile that does not cause any problems and that he adds to a squad whenever they give him minutes. And of those footballers, Madrid needs a few for when there are peaks in the season in which the usual starters need oxygen and fill the tank. Exactly what happens at the moment, in which neither Kroos nor Modric nor, neither, Valverde they are in better shape than the utreran: «When everything gets difficult, keep fighting and above all believing. Fight until the end”, Ceballos wrote on his Twitter account minutes after being the protagonist of the comeback against Villarreal, who put Madrid in the Cup quarterfinals. A valid reflection for his club, but also for him, unfairly underused by Ancelotti , as the Italian himself has recognized on several occasions.

A similar case is that of Asensio, the other key factor in the La Cerámica game. The Spaniard is also five months away from the end of his contract and, although in his case he has already started the dialogue to renew, the reality is that he is the second and even the third option on that white team’s attacking right wing . Valverde and Rodrygo are ahead of him, and at moments of the season like the current one, neither the Uruguayan nor the Brazilian have shown merits to make it like this. We’ll see if the door that Dani and Marco have broken down serves them to have more minutes and to seal a renewal that would come in handy for Madrid to encourage competition and ensure a plan B of guarantees.



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