The huge nugget that speaks French in the greatest secrecy!

What if French became a language that counts in the NBA? More and more French players are arriving across the Atlantic, some find in the same teams, and they necessarily communicate in their mother tongue. That’s not all, since several foreigners also speak fluently, including one of the biggest nuggets in the league!

For several years now, France has established itself as the other basketball country behind the United States, with quite brilliant results on the international scene but also many representatives in the NBA. If the latter are not all at the party this season, with the incessant criticism against Rudy Gobert and Killian Hayes, with the sidelining of Evan Fournier in New York, the tricolor basketball remains high in the hierarchy.

And this place of honor could be reinforced next season with the arrival of Victor Wembanyama, who is seen as the potential best player of all time. If he reaches the level at which all the experts expect him, he could chain titles across the Atlantic, both individually and collectively. And if France had its first MVP of the regular season?

Bennedict Mathurin, the most French of NBA rookies!

But the hexagonal influence does not stop there, since several foreign players speak French fluently, including Nikola Vucevic, who logically became one of Evan’s best friends during his time in Orlando. The pivot is not the only one in this case, since a huge nugget also masters the language of Molière. The Rookie of the Year could make a nice speech in French at the end of the season:

Bennedict Mathurin, who should finish on the podium for the title of Rookie of the Year thanks to his 17.1 points and 4.1 rebounds on average with the Pacers, speaks perfect French, which is actually not so surprising. Born in Montreal in 2002, he obviously grew up in a French-speaking environment, which allows him to be bilingual. One more reason to love this talented and promising youngster.

French is about to become the secondary language in the NBA, it’s a good sign for the future! Our tricolors will have more and more facilities to integrate into the big league if several teammates speak the language. Who would have believed it 20 or 30 years ago?



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