the hot notes of Betis-Barça

BarcelonaBarça are finalists in the Super Cup after 120 minutes of intense fighting and a game of mistakes against Betis, who were a very worthy opponent. The Blaugrana went from more to less and ended up celebrating the classification thanks to their fourth captain. Next, some hot notes.

More than deserved captaincy. It was the semi-final of suffering, yes. But with footballers like Ansu Fati, able to lift a ball from home to send it into the net, and like Ter Stegen, a superb goalkeeper, the trances have more options to end with a sweet aftertaste. We will stop in German and talk about one of the two comebacks he has signed this season: the one that really matters, the one that adds points and wins games. Because after a few campaigns of decline, he is decisive again, one of the best in the world. He upset Betis in the penalty shootout (two genius saves) and contributed four more saves of merit during the 120 minutes that the duel lasted. It is as sober as a Casio and as bright as a Rolex. Shakira should find other metaphors to talk about him.

microscopic VAR. What a shame that Barça did not capitalize on their great start with the goal that Pedri scored after an excellent cross from Raphinha, the starter in his ideal position. Released in the opponent’s area, the canary beat ex-Blaugrana Bravo, who could have done more to stop a soft and centered shot. However, the goal did not go on the scoreboard because the VAR turned on the light, although the Betis players made no sign of protest. The reason for the cancellation was an offside by Raphinha based on the last stretch of the tip of his right boot. The rest of his body was behind Miranda’s position, his marker. Technology in football, yes; microarchitecture, no.

The worrying lack of control. Coinciding with the narrow decision of the video referee, Barça entered a declining phase and did not abandon it. Although the team advanced thanks to Lewandowski, it is worrying how difficult it is to close favorable scenarios. In this particular case, Xavi’s changes didn’t work either. L’Egarenc wanted to regain control by bringing on Busquets for De Jong and Ferran Torres for Dembélé after the break, but what he managed was for the team to leave. Fekir, who is very good, capitalized on the trend to tie the game and force extra time which the Blaugrana, blinded by urgency, could have avoided had they not lost sight of the method so easily.

Full pockets, half degrees. The Piqué and Rubiales Super Cup in Saudi Arabia will be a financial success for certain bank accounts, but it’s rubbish when it comes to the atmosphere in the stands. It goes by year after year and he never gets tired of saying it: the stadiums are not filled no matter how much money is in between. In a venue with a capacity of 67,000 seats, neither semi-final aroused much interest among the Saudis. If Madrid-Valencia brought together just over 50,000 people, Betis-Barça gathered only 38,624. Waiting to see how it goes in Sunday’s classic, football has long since given up on attendance. The exception is that Barça wants to reform the Camp Nou and expand its capacity.



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