The former boxing champion explains why Usyk will not be able to beat Tyson Fury

Although a specific date for the fight has not yet been announced, Tyson Fury’s promoter Bob Arum announced last year that the long-awaited super heavyweight title unification fight could take place in February or March 2023.

Usyk has twice already beaten a much more prolific boxer, but Hutton, who was once the champion of several organizations in the 63.5 kilogram division, believes that this time the Ukrainian will not be able to “play” another British “giant”.

“We know that Usiku should not be underestimated. The Olympic champion, cruiser world champion, super heavyweight champion. And I don’t want to write him off. We know he’s talented and probably has the perfect style to beat Tyson,” Hutton said.

Joshua received criticism after the fights against Usyka for not being able to use his height advantage, as well as for a uniform and unsuited fighting style for the specific opponent. Hutton believes that Fury is more versatile than his compatriot, so his chances of winning are rated higher.

“He can fight left-handed and right-handed. He can fight from a distance as well as up close. Tyson has great defense and hand speed. He can throw punches while changing his stance. He has speed, mobility and boxing talent. Tyson has it all . He has everything that Usyk has to offer. Maybe even a little more because he’s taller, bigger and has longer arms,” ​​the former champion said.


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