“The first who can catch LeBron James is him, in 2035-36, when he will be 47 years old”

Already respected by the entire basketball world for his incredible longevity, LeBron James has just taken advantage of an unfortunate event to extend a record he holds for almost 15 years. Indeed, the first player capable of overtaking him, namely Kevin Durant, will hypothetically not be able to do so before… the 2035-2036 season. Lunar.

If the GOAT debate regularly rages on social networks, there is one question that is definitively decided in favor of LeBron James : longevity at the highest level. Capable of excelling for more than 20 seasons without a drop in speed, the King is quite simply a UFO, which breaks and pushes back the seniority records in the league a little more every day.

In addition to his arm-length resume, the Akron native also has a few anecdotal but nice accomplishments. This is particularly the case of his ongoing series of consecutive matches with a minimum of 10 points scored, which amounts, hold on tight, to 1,135 games…

Luka Doncic injured, LeBron quiet until at least 2036

So far, his first pursuer was Luka Doncic, who was unfortunately injured after 3 minutes against Phoenix, and had to leave the floor with 0 points on the clock. Therefore, the new dolphin of the Chosen One is Kevin Durant. But KD is far, very, very far from catching up with LeBron… Nick Wright’s tweet below is breathtaking:

With the unfortunate injury of Luka Doncic, his streak of 10 or more consecutive games came to an end. So the current list is as follows:

1. LeBron – 1.135
2. KD – 105
3. Embiid – 104

If they play all 82 games each season and score at least 10 points each night, KD or Embiid could tie LeBron in the 2035-36 season.

It’s crazy, and yet it’s true. This deadline for the 2035-2036 season also assumes that the King’s series will soon end, which frankly does not seem to be the case with regard to its current performance. Of course, Durant is in fact disqualified from this race for the record, he who will be 47 years old in 2035, and who will have hung up his sneakers for many years.

Joel Embiid would be 42 years old at the dawn of this famous date. Several big men have played until this age in the history of the NBA, but to see the Cameroonian both systematically scoring 10 points minimum for 13 years without ever failing, and above all playing all 82 games each season, seems very complicated… In short, LeBron can sleep on his two ears.

Holder of this incredible and possibly untouchable streak in history for decades to come, LeBron James is alone on his planet, far ahead of the first pursuers. A crazy accomplishment, not to be forgotten when discussing the King’s amazing career…



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