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The Chinese badminton team is in good form in the new season

The doubles combination is full of energy

Entering the new season, the World Badminton League continues to compete. Recently, three Super 500 and above high-level tours, the Malaysia Open, the India Open and the Indonesia Masters, have been held successively. The Chinese badminton team is in good form, and all 5 gold and 5 silver results were created by doubles teams. Among them, many post-00 players demonstrated the vigor and hard work of young athletes with their outstanding performance.

The women’s doubles is the current dominant event of the Chinese team. There are two Chinese team combinations among the top 10 in the world rankings in the fourth week of 2023, among which Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan occupy the top position. In the new season, Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan won 1 gold and 1 silver in the first two tournaments, and they are in a stable state.

In the Indonesia Masters, Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan were absent for a rest, and the Chinese team launched Liu Shengshu/Zhang Shuxian, Tan Ning/Xia Yuting, Li Wenmei/Liu Xuanxuan 3 new pairs of women’s doubles, and they all broke into the quarterfinals of this station. Among them, except for Li Wenmei, who was born in 1999, the other five are all born after 00.

Liu Shengshu/Zhang Shuxian, who joined the competition for the first time, eliminated the No. 1 seed and the No. 4 seed all the way to advance. In the final, they defeated the Japanese team Yuki Fukushima/Hiro, who had been ranked No. 1 in the world, 2:0 with their fierce offensive Tian Caihua won the championship.

Zhang Jun, chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association and the doubles head coach of the Chinese badminton team, once said that at the beginning of the new season, several world tours will launch new combinations to participate in the competition. The purpose is to improve the points of young players. combination.

The Chinese team also tried many new pairs in the men’s doubles event last year, among which Liang Weikeng/Wang Chang, born after 2000, performed very well. In the new season, they won the runner-up in the Malaysia Open, went one step further in the India Open, and won the championship of this super 750 class event. At the end of this race, Leung Wai-keng/Wang Chang’s world ranking has risen to No. 7, showing significant progress.

In the just-concluded Indonesia Masters, Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping and Jiang Zhenbang/Wei Yaxin of the Chinese team defeated their respective opponents and both advanced to the final. After 3 rounds of competition, Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping narrowly beat their teammates 21:15, 16:21, 21:19 to win the championship.

After several high-level tournaments, the young members of the Chinese badminton team have been tempered in terms of psychology, skills and tactics, accumulated experience, increased points, and improved the world ranking. I look forward to them making persistent efforts in the next competitions, especially in the Olympic points competition starting this year, playing style and level, and achieving great results again.

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