the discovery in the viaduct of the ring road

Not just the 40-year-old with heroin hidden in milk bottles: the agents of the Widespread Crime Section of the same Flying Squad have also carried out different operations against drug dealing, seizing drugs, weapons or offensive objects, and arresting a pusher, as well as reporting two others.

Arrest and complaints

A 42-year-old Nigerian, irregular in the area, was arrested selling cocaine in Via Perosi. At the time of the check, the buyer was also blocked, who declared to the agents that he had already purchased drugs from the same subject several times. On the other hand, two Tunisians aged 31 and 29, both awaiting regularization, were reported without a criminal record, also for having possessed drugs for drug dealing (cocaine and hashish). They were subjected to a personal and then home search at their home located in via D’Avanzo, finding and seizing almost 5 grams of hashish and another 11 of cocaine against both. Inside the same house, the policemen also found and seized a cash sum of over 9,000 euros and a precision scale, all believed to be linked to drug dealing.


Finally, another important seizure was carried out by the agents of the Flying Squad by searching the inside of the cavities present in the structures of the viaducts of the Padua ring road, near the entrance on via Ronchi Bassi. There, in fact, they found 51 doses of cocaine (about 45 grams), hidden together with a sling bar, some packaging material, as well as a baseball bat, a machete and a blank pistol cal. 9 complete with magazine (with three rounds inserted) and a further 43 blank cartridges available. On the latter material, investigations are underway to try to trace the owners.



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