The Catalan Football Federation meets with Treball in Madrid for the inspections

The Catalan Football Federation met last Tuesday in Madrid with the Secretary of State for Labor and Social Economy, Joaquín Pérez Rey, to try to find solutions to the controversial inspections that the State is doing to several modest clubs in the Girona counties . At the moment, Roses and Quart have already been fined for irregularities in the summer campuses, with amounts exceeding 30,000 euros, while Peralada (3rd RFEF), Lloret, Bescanó, Can Gibert, Bosc de Tosca, Palamós , Banyoles, Figueres and l’Escala (1st Catalan), and Llançà (3rd Catalan), have received requests and had to provide various contractual documentation despite being amateur entities.

The representatives of the Federation were the president, Joan Soteras, and the general secretary, Oriol Camacho. The UFEC and CUFADE (Confederation of Unions of Autonomous Spanish Sports Federations) were also present at the meeting. There, according to a letter that the Federation sent to the 170 clubs in the province of Girona, they were assured that the State wants to improve the sports regulation of amateur sportsmen, and also made it clear that “the Ministry is not promoting any campaign of inspection”. In this sense, they informed them that “the action in Girona is due to a complaint”, in the same line of what the sub-delegate of the Government Albert Bramon had already transferred to the federative body. In that first meeting, on January 3, a commitment was already made to stop the inspections “and find a suitable regulatory framework for the amateur athlete”. Bramon, according to the letter to the clubs, would also have suggested that the action was in response to a complaint that could be linked to the stormy electoral process that the Federation is going through, and that will now force a repeat of the votes on February 13.

Soteras and Camacho presented several proposals to the Secretary of State for Labor to improve the regulation of amateur athletes, not only thinking about football, but the rest of the disciplines. This is how the Pocket Money or allowance was put on the table, an initiative that the UFEC has been working on for some time and which consists of greater protection for volunteers and the possibility of receiving compensation up to a limit for the expenses generated by them ‘activity, without having to justify it. A special rule was also proposed for the amateur sportsman or his exclusion from the Social Security registration.

All the parties agreed to create a working group made up of technicians from the Secretary of State, CUFADE, UFEC and FCF “to advance the different proposals, with a time horizon to find a first viable solution before the end of 2023” . The controversial inspections began in the summer, with the Roses and Quart cases, but also with a request to the Girona Delegation of the Federation to send them all the contracts of all the technicians in the province, about 2,600.



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