The cadets of the Judo Club Lena Marcos Fernández and Diego Menéndez get a medal in the junior championship of Castilla y León

On the left, Marcos Fernández and Diego Menéndez, together with José Pajarón.

The Lena Judo Club has returned from the Castilla y León junior tournament, held in Salamanca, with two bronze medals. They have been achieved by Marcos Fernández and Diego Menéndez. The first was done in the category of more than 90 kilograms, and the second over the hundredth barrier. The competition was developed by the system of leagues of three and the first two classifieds went to direct knockouts without play-offs. The Lenense cadets competed in a category higher than theirs, such as the junior category. “The objective was to compete and do the best possible to continue gaining experience and continue to grow as judokas, a fact, which they did in spades,” said José Pajarón, the youth coach. The Asturian coach wanted to congratulate the Federation of Castilla y León for “the good reception and for his good work in organizing the Championship.”



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