The biggest event of the winter: the return of the Otter. A difference player, he will decide, the expert believes

The biggest event of the winter: the return of the Otter.  A difference player, he will decide, the expert believes

Matěj Vydra’s return to the Czech top flight was one of the biggest events of the winter break. How difficult will it be for the 30-year-old striker? “Psychology will be the main thing,” thinks Mikolanda, who himself has experience when a footballer cannot play due to health problems.

According to him, it is one thing to be comfortable in training, where the player is running and subconsciously looking after himself, for example in the case of Vydra’s operated knee. So maybe he’ll drop a fight. “The atmosphere absorbs you in the match, you approach the fight differently. And suddenly other things start to happen, it stings you in your left ankle, hurts your hip. There is a risk of further problems here. It will be important that he doesn’t get injured,” says Mikolanda.

Prava football editor Robert Neumann saw Vydra in action at a training camp abroad. The former first league footballer agrees that playing the match will be much more difficult for the Czech representative. “He trained fully with the team. Coach Michal Bílek said he looked interesting. But the match, Vydra will dose it by the minute,” thinks the journalist.

Photo: Robert Neumann,

Pilsen coach Michal Bílek at the Melia Villaitana hotel complex in Benidorm, Spain.Photo: Robert

And how does it look with the position of the Otter in Victoria. Tomáš Chorý is often considered the number 1 attacker, where will Pilsen’s winter reinforcements be placed? “When Vydra is healthy, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pilsen played with two strikers. Matěj is stylistically different from Chorý. He is tall and combative, Vydra is for breaks. I think they can play together,” says Mikolanda, noting that Kliment will still be ready for the offensive after his recovery.

“The purchase of Vydra is reasonable for me from Pilsen’s point of view, he can be a difference-making player who, if he is healthy, will be able to dominate matches in Viktoria’s favor with his above-standard quality,” he adds.

Only reinforcements from abroad? Sparta remains a Czech club, nothing changes, says Tomáš RosickýVideo:

Even Neumann can imagine a Pilsen line-up with a duo of attackers. “When Chorý played with Kliment, it worked,” he claims, adding that Vydra is used to a certain pressure that will be on him in Pilsen, because he will be closely watched. “He knows that he will be the most discussed player, there will be media pressure, but he says he can handle it.”


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