The big statement from the Pistons coach on Killian Hayes!

Killian Hayes shone again on the court this Thursday evening, allowing the Pistons to recover a great victory over the Nets. The point guard not only achieved a big stat line, he also managed to clutch, with a big pass for a teammate. Dwane Casey was quick to congratulate his player on his match…

Even if the Pistons’ season is not a dream, Dwane Casey’s players sometimes manage to smile again thanks to a few big performances. This was the case this Thursday evening, since this team managed to beat the Nets on their own ground, and despite the 40 points of a Kyrie Irving unleashed. A success that is clearly good for the morale of the troops.

Killian Hayes praised by his coach

A possible victory thanks to the presence of Killian Hayes, victim of a slight calf problem on his return from France. He also started his game on the bench, but nothing to hinder the leader when defeating the Nets. In addition to a big line of stats, he signed an amazing pass in the last minute. Even Casey was not insensitive to such a score in the finale.

Casey said he was proud of how Hayes managed to wrap up that game.

Proof that the young Frenchman is gaining confidence with the Pistons, and Casey is the first to notice it. There is no doubt that Killian should find the starting 5 soon, even if this role of sixth man remains interesting for him. After all, he could stay in that situation when Cade Cunningham returns next season.

One thing is certain, Hayes has everyone in agreement with his performance at the Pistons. The leader continues to shine, and he still has a few months to continue his progress:

I haven’t heard Killian Hayes haters in a long time.

Clutch, more and more solid in the lead: Killian Hayes takes advantage of his playing time to shine. Dwane Casey is the first to notice it, which is great news for the rest of the season. It will be very difficult to dislodge him from the starting 5 in the future…



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