The badminton club of Ecaussinnes will host the first youth school cup at the provincial level

A general call had been launched to all the clubs of the federation to organize an inter-province competition. A round will take place in each of them. We had submitted our application for Hainaut. It was then necessary to have an available surface, to ensure the supervision of the day as well as the launch of the matches and the encoding of the results.”, indicates Romain Deblandre, president of the Ecaussinnes badminton club.

In addition to recognition at the provincial level, hosting this competition will have a positive impact on the club’s players. “Organizing this new competition within the club will allow us to follow our young people in competition while allowing them to play at home. Parents will also be able to see their child evolve. We therefore wanted to continue this good dynamic between members of the club, especially since they will have, during the competition, the opportunity to play as a team and no longer individually.”, continues Romain Deblandre.

The Ecaussinnes club is not at its first attempt in terms of organizing major events. The club had already hosted the Belgian senior championship within it. “We had already worked with the Belgian badminton federation last year by organizing the senior Belgian championships. We then had a wonderful fallout. Everything had gone very well. Both in Flanders and in Wallonia, the feedback from the federations was positive. The hosting of these competitions also allows the club to move thanks to the work of the teams specially provided for this.”, confides Romain Deblandre.

Concretely, the youth school cup will host two categories for its big premiere. A competition of U15 and one of U19. Several objectives are sought through this organization. On the one hand, it will help motivate young people, develop clubs and create emulation between their members. It will also allow the development of a good collaboration between the clubs of the same province.



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