The arbitration court rejects the appeal regarding the extraordinary transfer rules in football after the war started by Russia / Article

With a separate CAS decision, the appeal of “Shakhtar” was rejected in the case considered in December, in which a compensation of 50 million euros was demanded from FIFA.

The Russian clubs, led by champion Zenit St. Petersburg, sued FIFA in November, and two of the three judges who ruled in the case also heard Shakhtar’s appeal.

Both appeals challenged FIFA’s decision last June to extend the emergency transfer rules for the whole of 2022/23. season of the year.

The emergency transfer rules for the remainder of the season were first applied last March.

The clubs believed that by giving players the right to be loaned out to clubs in other countries, the agents and other clubs benefit, while the clubs that own the footballers lose millions in unearned transfer fees.

FIFA said it had sought to bring clarity to club operations and financial security to players without completely terminating contracts. This option was also preferred by the world professional football union FIFPRO.

CAS published the extraordinary rulings on Friday without detailed legal reasoning, which is due to be published in the next few weeks.

The Ukrainian and Russian clubs were represented in the cases by different lawyers. “Shakhtar” hired the Spanish law firm “Vandellos”, while the Russian club’s case was examined by Moscow-based “SILA Lawyers”.


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