The 2 huge recruits that the Lakers are dangling at LeBron James!

Tired of not getting enough help for his liking at the Lakers, LeBron James has already hinted that he could leave the franchise next summer. To avoid this, its leaders would assure it to target two renowned stars on the market!

Their results may have been relatively satisfactory since the injury of Anthony Davis, they still do not allow them to take off in the standings. Currently 13th in the West (19-23), the Lakers definitely fail to integrate the famous Top 10 they covet this season. What logically provoke the frustration of LeBron Jamesand its much higher ambitions.

If he has since toned down his speech at a press conference and in the media, the King has clearly criticized the work of its leaders, whose inactivity on the trade market would, according to him, prevent the team from taking off. Some of his remarks even seemed suggest a possible departure in the coming months. Failing to accede to his demands immediately, the LA staff would have found another way to appease him.

Lakers ready to go all-in for two stars this summer?

In the absence of sufficiently attractive deals for their taste at the moment in the league, the Lakers are playing the watch despite LeBron’s impatience. In the columns of Sports Illustrated, Chris Mannix and Howard Beck also reveal what they believe to be the franchise’s plan not to completely alienate their leader. Not sure, however, that the latter falls into the trap:

Internally, I’m sure the Lakers are selling James a draft where Bradley Beal or Damian Lillard become available on the market in the offseason, and LA goes all-in with their two future first-round picks to get them. But we are closer to fantasy than reality.

A prospect that could make LBJ’s mouth water, but which seems very unrealistic.

Indeed, even in the event that one of the two stars, or even both become indeed accessible, the Lakers will certainly not be the only ones to show interest in their services. In other words, the offer they will then be able to make will hardly be able to compete with those of other competitors. Especially when looking at the current situation of their roster.

For now, the main salaries that the Angelinos could part with to strengthen their roster come down to Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley and Kendrick Nunn. All three will become unrestricted free agents next summer. Apart from a highly improbable sign-and-trade scenario, it therefore seems very difficult to imagine how they could get their hands on Beal or Lillard in the off-season!

Much less aggressive than expected at the edge of the trade deadline, the Lakers have actually decided to put all their eggs in one basket, and wait for the summer to strike a blow. To see if this will seduce LeBron James enough!



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