Teófilo Gutiérrez confirmed the interest of Unión Magdalena to be a new player in 2023 | Colombian Soccer | betplay league

Teófilo Gutiérrez continues to search for a team after leaving Deportivo Cali. Recently, rumors of a possible return to Junior arose, where the player’s desire was that, but the decision of the managers was different, after the big moves they made in the transfer market.

The BetPlay League is about to start, where the striker has offers from some clubs. In an interview with the program El Show de La Liga, Gutiérrez spoke about the option of reaching Unión Magdalena, in addition to the alleged interest of Nacional, confirming it, which was left in dialogues “Resting in Santa Marta. Something came up a few days ago, I would like. There is nothing concrete, we are discussing and see what the leaders want. They are looking for a good team for the fans and the city. Recently I was meeting with some friends, who are part of the leadership of the Union, fortunately I have a market, they call me from Argentina, from other countries and some clubs from Colombia. The approach exists. I am calm with my family, so that this year will be one of great achievements and be happy”.

“The affection of the people, for the respect earned, everything that football has given me and where I have gone, has gone well for me. There is admiration for one’s work. Hopefully where I play, I will do it with love and as a team, which is the important thing. The level of the League is important, I have enjoyed and seen so many players grow. That gives satisfaction, that many clubs are interested in one’s services. The good thing is to leave that mark and enjoy the day to day ”he added.

He also talked about Junior, where he became an idol and recalled the good times “The love of Junior’s fan is beautiful, I will be grateful to everyone. History does not lie and that is the most beautiful thing for one, that the fan identifies with one. That love of the fan towards one is beautiful. My kids tell me to be proud of it. Wherever I go I try to enjoy, to win friends, important things, that young people grow and see them grow, just like Luis Díaz. When he missed goals, he was there to cheer him on. Every day he told her that he was going to be a figure”.



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