Tennis: Novak Dokovic is number one again

The Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic (pronounced: nowak dschokowitsch) has the Australian Open (pronounced Eastern European oupen) won. And thus made tennis history. What that means? That the world will continue to talk about the 35-year-old tennis player. Because Novak Đoković has won the tournament in Australia ten times. This is something very special. Because he won the tournament, he is now number one in the world again. This means that he leads the world rankings.

Also, he has the win overall 22 Grand Slam tournaments (pronounced gränd släm ) won. So he and the tennis player from Spain, Rafael Nadal, won 22 Grand Slam tournaments each.

What is Grand Slam?

„Grand Slam“ translated from English means “big hit”. There are four Grand Slam tournaments in tennis. The first takes place each year in Melbourne, Australia. The other three matches will take place in France (French Open; pronounced: frensch oupen), in England (Wimbledon Open; pronounced: wimbldn oupen) and in the USA (US Open). You can win a lot of money in tournaments. Important points for the world rankings are also awarded there.


Name: Novak Djokovic
Born: May 22, 1987 in Belgrade (Serbia)
size: 188 centimeters
Weight: 77 Kilograms
Right-handed, two-handed backhand
professional: for 20 years



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