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Former tennis player Andrea Petkovic is happily taken. Now the 35-year-old revealed the advances of a Hollywood star.

Petkovic, who resigned in 2022, reported on the advances of a well-known actor in a panel discussion in Dresden, but rejected them.

The 35-year-old German was preparing for the US Open in a New York hotel in 2007, doing her fitness exercises early in the morning, around 5 a.m., in order to overcome jet lag. The then 19-year-old was finally approached by an “older man” in the gym. “What exercises are you doing?” he asked. After the then young tennis player explained her exercises, the man said “his favorite Thai restaurant is around the corner and I wouldn’t like to come with him”. But due to the big age difference, Petkovic refused. The man didn’t give up, found out her room number and called several times, but Petkovic didn’t respond.

Hollywood star Jeff Goldblum wanted to date her

One evening, the tennis player and the man met by chance in the hotel lobby before the coach of her compatriot Julia Görges came over and recognized the man. It was the acting star Jeff Goldblum, known from “Independence Day” and “Jurassic Park”. Goldblum is 70 years old today.

However, Petkovic’s strange twist came seven years later, when she was back in New York and saw a talk show that Goldblum was a guest on. In it, the actor shared how he met his wife, Emilia Livingston. He saw her at a gym and asked what exercises she was doing and then invited her to his favorite Thai restaurant. “No lie, I could be married to Jeff Goldblum, but I’m here and that’s a good thing,” smiled the tennis player who has since retired.

Petkovic has been in a relationship with US musician Jesse Kotansky for four years, and the two now live in New York.

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