Tatami Puzzle 1x1m Reversible Eva Rubber Mat For Contact Exercises Floor For Judo And Karate 4 Cm – X4 Tiles (red/black (reversible)) with Offers in Carrefour

EVA Tatami Puzzle tile for contact sportsGet the perfect Tatami Puzzle Floor to adapt your facilities for sports and martial arts practice or for places where padded flooring is needed to prevent injuries, such as nurseries or nursing homes. Thanks to its material, you will achieve a uniform and sealed finish, insulating from temperature and noise. Characteristics: Sold in 1m X 1m pieces. Available in different thicknesses: 2, 2.50 and 4 cm. Served in two-color tiles: Red/Blue o Red/Black.Reversible.Straight finish with the possibility of removing it to anchor.SPECIFICATIONS:It is made of EVA rubber. EN7-3:2013 homologation. Product free of carcinogenic substances and heavy materials. Weight: 3.5 kg Composition: High density Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Anchorage: Puzzle type. Without adhesivesHardness: 41 – 43ºDensity: 80 kg/m3How to lay Tatami Puzzle FloorAs we have already told you, it is very easy to lay and fix, also, as it is a puzzle-shaped floor, you can place and condition it in the way that best suits you for your establishment. It is a product prepared for places with children and adults, as well as for contact sports where the cushioning of the floor is essential to avoid injuries. Price per selected units.

REF. 8445060120633 / EAN 8445060120633



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