Talleres beat the Tucuman fusion

The team from Tafi took the victory by 62 to 54 against Fusion LBNA Basket for the first date of the Federal League, Noa division. The figure was César Loru with 20 points and 17 rebounds.

The first 10 minutes were even, LBNA Basket opened the scoring with a free kick from Ignacio Sandoval, while Cristian Soria scored the first double for Talleres. The efficiency of Marcos Contrera favored the local team, but Pablo Walter and Iván Julián appeared for the visit, equalizing the first quarter by 12 points.

The second quarter, Sandoval tried to move the score away by two baskets in a row. However, the Tafico team quickly dominated with the successes of Bruno Caribaux and the effectiveness of Juan Pablo Díaz Pérez. In the last minutes, the merger acted collectively to close this first stage 26-29 in favor of the visit.

With a more dynamic third period, the local team woke up thanks to the effectiveness of César Loru and Ignacio Rojas, for Talleres, Soria equalized the score with a double. After five minutes, Loru and Contrera scored to reduce the board by 6 units, this was not enough for Soria’s virtues to score for León Tafico, finishing 44 to 46 for the visit.

The last quarter was very frictional, the LBNA fusion did not find its game in the first minutes, which favored the team from Tafi with Jerónimo Solorzano adding two and Martiniano Ayusa from the shot of three to stretch the advantage. The youthful Enzo Oliva scored the last triple for the merger and Walter for those from Tafí Viejo. Finally, the score was 54 to 62 in favor of Talleres, which began its debut on the right foot.

Partials: 12-12 / 14-17 / 18-17 / 10-16.

Source:LBNA Basket Press.



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