Summary of the match Liverpool vs Wolverhampton (2-2). GOALSHalftime

the wolves of Raul Jimenez they took out all their temerity in Anfieldwhere they got a tie 2-2 on the Third Round of the FA Cup against Liverpool, with a great match that had as protagonists Mohamed Salah, Hwang Hee Chan and even the goalkeeper Alisson Beckerwho gave away a goal in an incredible way.

The party was special for Raúlwell returned to ownership with his team after almost four months, but his participation barely made a difference and he was replaced at the 63 minutes when the duel was even and the team he leads Julen Lopetegui decided to risk more forward.

Tables at rest

The fast-paced match began with a blunder from the goalkeeper Beckerwho made a mistake at the start and by mistake gave the ball to Gonçalo Guedes, who only had to push the ball into the net to make it 0-1, and who turned all of Anfield upside down due to a tremendous mistake. Jiménez was knocked down in the area, the ball reached the goalkeeper, and he immediately made his mistake.

However the Liverpool He resumed his usual football and his extraordinary goals and, to prove it, it is enough to see the goal of the tie courtesy of Darwin Núñezwho in a counterattack took advantage of a long pass to touch the ball to one side of the goalkeeper for the 1-1 partial in the first time.

there will be sudden death

The game had stood out for its actions and especially because there was too much quality on the field. Only two or three touches were enough to generate danger. Thus came the 2-1 at Liverpool that generated a play for Salahwho took advantage of the fact that the center had been deflected by the defender Gomez Tote.

With all the coolness of a lethal striker, Salah controlled in the area, turned around and literally put the ball in the box. lower angle. It didn’t even look like a shot, but rather a pass to the back of the goal, at 52′.

But the Wolves did not give up so easily and first found a one-on-one that Nouri He finished off where the goalkeeper was, who suffered from the power, but avoided the goal.

Finally, Hwang Hee-Chan made a wall with Matheus Cunha and within the area defined first intention. And although he had some complicity Alissonwho once again hesitated on how to stop the shot, the score changed to 2-2 final.

Now both teams will have to play again for the FA Cup to define the table that will classify to the next phase. The Liverpool continues being the Champion, and the Wolves will have again 90 minutes to try to get it out of the way and find a trophy for their showcases.



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